Hydro Flask Test vs. Comparable Bottle with cold water – Are Hydro Flasks worth it?

What keeps your water colder or hotter longer, Hydro Flask, or our very well built and comparable 40oz Endeavor Copper Insulated Thermal Bottle?
Hydro Flask’s are awesome bottles, no doubt. Are they worth extra money you are paying for the brand? That might be up to the buyer, but they very well could be. See for yourself in our Hydro Flask test below!
Our Titan bottle, with matte black and stainless finish, comes in at $33 for only a few with personalization, down to around $13 at higher quantities, with personalization. Compare that to Hydro Flask, around $35+.
We wanted to know how they compared at keeping water cold, so we put them to the test.

hydro flask test
On left: 32oz black Hydro Flask. On right: 40oz Stainless Steel insulated Titan bottle

Filled with: Same amount of cold water
Same amount of ice (about 8 ice cubes)
Bottle colors: Both BLACK
Bottle Size: 32oz Hydro Flask, Titan 40oz
Start time: 1:11pm
Weather: Sunny
Outside temperature: 90°F at start, up to 97°F
Real Feel temp: 96°F at start, up to 101°F
hydro flask comparison
Hydro Flask Comparison: Both bottles have same amount of cold water and ice at the start of the test. Hydro Flask on top, 40oz Stainless Insulated bottle on bottom

40oz Insulated Titan bottleHydro Flask
Rated at: HOT 6 hours
COLD 12 hours
Will it sweat? NO
Double wall stainless steel insulation
Packaging: Heavy duty box, ready to gift or retail
Rated at: HOT 6 hours
COLD 24 hours
Will it sweat? NO
Double wall stainless steel insulation
Packaging: Bulk in poly bag

So, we left them in the sun for the day. Below are the results!
The outsides of the bottles got HOT to the touch in our Colorado sun! Too hot to pick up after 3 hours!

Hydro Flask Compare with engraving
The sun beat down on our black bottles for hours! Here you see them both with custom laser engraving (after all, that’s what we do here)

After 1 hour, no noticeable difference in amount of ice and water was still freezing cold, as expected.
Hydro flask and bottle sitting in the sun
Hydro flask and bottle sitting in the Colorado sun, outside of Denver and Boulder

Hydro Flask with ice in it
After 1 hour, both still have plenty of ice. Hydro Flask on left. 40oz Insulated bottle on right.


After 3 hours, the surprising results are in!


Hydro Flask and Insulated Bottle after 3 hours
Hydro Flask and Insulated Bottle after 3 hours – Hydro Flask on left, No ice left. Insulated bottle on right, small bits of ice left.

It might be too close to call, Hydro Flask water still cold, Insulated Titan bottle still with small ice cubes in it (hard to see in photo).

What happened after another hour in the 97°F+ sun? (that’s 4 hours total)

Both still have cold water, but the Insulated Bottle’s was noticeably cooler. The water in the Hydro Flask has already started to warm up a tiny bit.

What happened after 20 hours in the car overnight?

To finish off our comparison, we left both bottles in the car, outside, overnight. Temperatures went from 95°F around 5pm down to 60°F and back up to 70°F for a few hours early morning.
Hydro Flask: Luke warm water
Insulated 40oz Bottle: Cool

Winner in terms of insulation: Insulated 40oz Bottle

There you have it, an unscientific, real-world comparison of Hydro Flask performance against a low cost, high quality generic bottle. While Hydro Flasks’ may look better, and maybe feel better, insulation is on par with other drinkware.
Hopefully this test has helped you decide on which drinkware to purchase for you, your company, team or customers. Did we mention the 40oz Insulated Bottle pricing includes customization? Get it engraved with your logo, wedding party names, or text for a unique, long lasting, high performing gift.
Now, there are ways to improve the insulation of your Hydro Flask or other insulated drinkware, such as filling with cold or hot water 10 minutes before you put your drink in it, so get the insulation cooled down/warmed up. This can make a big difference in performance (but who has time for that?).
We love Hydro Flasks and all kinds of drinkware here at LazerDesigns, and we engrave thousands of all kinds of bottles (including Yeti, Swell, Hydro Flask, Thermos, Stanley, you name it we’ve engraved it).
What have you experienced? Leave a comment below to tell us about it!

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