How To Give A Meaningful Retirement Gift To A Coworker


A good coworker can make the workplace not only manageable but fun as well, making the day speed on by. These colleagues become irreplaceable as part of your work family. The impact a good coworker has had on your career becomes crystal clear as they near their retirement date, and when faced with this big change its normal for each of us to think about the best-personalized retirement gifts as a final way to show them how much you appreciate them and their time as your colleague.

Why Should You Give A Personalized Retirement Gift To Your Coworker?

As stated above the workplace will become different after your coworker retires. But that’s not the only change, your coworker’s life is changing as well. A brand new adventure is about to take place as they move on from the workplace and into a new life. With a personalized retirement gift, you can help ease the transition.

Words of thanks along with a signed farewell card might be a happy send-off for some. But others deserve more. So if you’re looking for some retirement gift ideas for your coworkers consider what you would want if you were in their position.

Your retirement gift should be something that can leave a lasting impression, one that shows how much you’ve appreciated them over the years. In a way, this gift will be your last message to them, so who wants a gift that is bland, thoughtless, and generic?

A personalized farewell gift for male coworkers will show them how much you’ll miss them, while custom retirement gifts for your female coworkers will help them feel even more appreciated for all their hard work. Men or women, personalizing your retirement gift will make it irreplaceable.

How To Pick The Best Retirement Gift Ideas?

Personalized gifts are filled with thoughtfulness and meaning for your retiring colleague. They can be small and memorable like a laser engraved personalized retirement journal or notebook. You can engrave personalized text like, “My Grand Retirement by—” with their name. This will give them something to document their new adventure and to jot down their favorite memories.

To make this retirement gift extra special why not include a personalized pen or pencil set with their notebook? High quality and special pen such as this wooden pen comes with its own presentation gift box. You can truly personalize a complete set by choosing the color of the wood, the type of pen, and of course, with your choice of laser engraved text.

Custom Engraved Wooden Pen Set

This is a gift that will be cherished and used for many years to come.

Think Outside The Box

Consider the things your coworker spoke about, what their favorite activities are and how they like to spend their time. Perhaps they have mentioned some things they are interested in doing once fully retired. These are some great opportunities to find the perfect retirement gift ideas.

By thinking outside of the box like this you can often come up with some amazing retirement gift ideas that compliment your co-worker’s personality and interests such as an engraved Rawlings baseball found in our selection of custom gifts for athletes.

Custom Rawlings Baseball

With this baseball retirement gift, you can have your own engraving added to commemorate the time spent working with you that will provide a great memory and talking point for your newly retired friend. 

Have You Considered A Personalized Drinkware?

Did your coworker mention anything about binge-watching their favorite shows, or enjoying that perfect cup of coffee each morning? Consider our personalized drinkware options to accompany them during their favorite activities. Whether they be indoors or out, customized drinkware is a great way to show your coworker how much you care.

For co-workers who enjoy a relaxing drink, an engraved glass that compliments their favorite beverage is a wonderful present that is also a great reminder of their career along with the friends they made over the years. The above two examples are great options to choose from, whether your coworker enjoys a good beer or outdoor activities such as camping or fishing.

For wine enthusiasts, consider getting them a bottle of their favorite wine. Wine is a wonderful retirement gift that you can personalize by presenting it in an engraved wine presentation box. Our favorite choice when it comes to wine presentation is one made from high-quality bamboo that includes tools that any wine connoisseur should own including a foil cutter, decanting pourer, stopper, and corkscrew. 

If you’re looking for a unique retirement gift for your coworker, consider getting them something that nobody else will have thought of.

A personalized flask is a unique option to really wow your coworker. Whether they have a favorite liquor they enjoy sipping or enjoy having items on display, a customized laser engraved flask is the way to go. Better yet, make it a gift set!

Personalized Flask With Funnel And ShotGlass Gift Set

Does Your Coworker Have A Sweet Tooth?

If that coworker talked about their love affair with a bowl of ice cream then a personalized ice cream scooper makes total sense. Get this scooper engraved to read something along the lines of, “Never a day of work again!” for a funny retirement gift that will remind them that their working days are behind them!

Durability meets functionality when you grab this laser engraved ice cream scoop. Your coworker will really love this retirement gift as it will last them for years!

Be sure to check out our other custom kitchen utensils for even more kitchen and food-related retirement gifts.

How About A Love For Grilling?

A personalized set of fresh BBQ utensils is just what your coworker needs to thoroughly enjoy their retirement grilling! Engrave something fun like “Retirement at last” to put a smile on their face every time they reach for their new set.

This set is perfect for the coworker who loves hosting those BBQ parties during the summer. They will have everything they need with this set for the perfect event. The carrying case can be engraved so everyone knows who the set belongs to.

An alternative BBQ retirement gift option is a personalized spatula that will really make them grin. Customize a spatula with a fun quote or text on both blade and handle for a really unique retirement gift.

The above-personalized grilling tool also includes a bottle opener, allowing your coworker to man the grill throughout the entire party or gathering without worry. Choose from a variety of designs and engravings or make your own with this awesome personalized retirement gift.

Are They Fans Of The Outdoors?

If your coworker has talked about the great outdoors and the adventures they have planned for retirement, there are lots of personalized outdoor gifts available. Exploring those forests, hills, and sunny summits just wouldn’t be the same without your coworker’s very own personalized outdoor gear.

A well-made backpack can make all the difference between a great trip to the outdoors and a disastrous one. The durable backpacks at Lazer Designs have been built with travel in mind, including comfortable padding, plenty of pockets, and all a patch featuring your chosen laser engraved text.

If you’re looking for a smaller, less bulky retirement gift that still provides the same thoughtfulness of providing your coworker with something to take on their outdoor adventures, consider a custom multitool or laser engraved survival knife.

Both multitools and tactical knives are great items to pack when going on a trip outdoors. Whether they love to camp, hike, hunt or fish you never know when a useful tool will come in handy.

Does Your Coworker Appreciate Quality Gifts?

Combining any of the above outdoor-themed retirement gifts makes an impressive present to gift to a coworker but for something truly special we have quality engraved gift sets available that are perfectly paired together to provide a useful set for any explorer or hunter.

This Rosewood Buck Hunter gift set includes a beautifully designed knife including stainless steel 3 ¾” blade set into a red wood handle – the perfect knife for any serious hunter and this can be paired with either a zippo lighter, gold-accented compass or both of these all of which is then presented in a custom engraved rosewood gift box.

For a similar theme but different contemporary style choose this Nobleman gift set which includes this slimline buck pocket knife in classic stainless steel or modern titanium finish. This is paired with a contemporary styled brush metal Zippo lighter. The perfect pairing for anyone planning to enjoy their retirement in the outdoors. 

Does Your Coworker Plan To Travel?

It isn’t entirely uncommon for retirees to plan on traveling around once the shackles of employment are removed. So to help your coworker celebrate their newfound freedom, consider grabbing them a portable speaker.

This piece of tech is a great gift for a co-worker planning to spend their retirement visiting friends and family or traveling to new places and with a customized portable speaker they can have great quality, great sound and that extra special personalized touch with an engraving of your choice. 

Engraved Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Our final example for a great retirement gift for your coworker is none other than a personalized hat featuring laser engraved text. You can choose a fun phrase like “Ask me if I love being retired,” or something simpler like “Retired.”

Be sure to check out our selection of custom hats and bags for the perfect outdoor gift ideas.

Ready To Get The Perfect Retirement Gift?

We’ve listed a ton of great ideas right here for you to choose from. Regardless of what you end up getting your retirement gift for your coworker, we know they will love it! A personalized gift requires time and thought, so when you buy from Lazer Designs you know they are getting something special.

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