How to clean a reusable stainless steel metal straw

Cleaning your reusable metal straw is easy! And fast if you do it right after use. Here are some tips to help you get your reusable straw sparkly clean again, even if you use your reusable straw for a chunky smoothie.

Reusable metal straws are replacing plastic, and if you drink a smoothie every day or use a straw regularly, you understand the important role this plays in keeping our marine life healthy.

This straw set comes with 2 style straws + a cleaning brush
This straw set comes with 2 style straws + a cleaning brus

Reusable metal straws are great – but with that greatness does come a downside, they have to be washed. Sometimes just rinsing doesn’t do the trick, they need a good scrub.

These tips should work for metal or silicone straws. If you are in the market for a stainless steel straw, see our buying guide and pick a straw set that comes with a cleaning brush to make cleaning easy!

How to clean your stainless steel reusable straw

If you wash your straw right away…

This is the ideal method – right away and easy rinse!

  • Simply hold the straw under warm to hot water
  • Most of your prior drink should wash away in the warm water
  • If it needs a little scrubbing around the top or inside, try getting a tad bit of soap on your fingers and rubbing them around the dirty areas, getting a little bit inside the straw.
  • Then rinse again
  • Hold up straw to a light source and look through it to see if it is smooth and clean inside

If you wash your straw later…

Sometimes, we can’t wash our straws out right away, if we are traveling, at a restaurant or at work on the job. No worries, we can still get that straw clean.

  • First, rinse the straw under hot water to get off all the easy to come off stuff
  • Next, get the pipe cleaner (cleaning brush that came with your straw) and get it nice and wet in the hot water
  • Add a little soap to the pipe cleaner, rubbing it in with your fingers
  • Run the pipe cleaner through the straw
  • Repeat as necessary, 1 to 5 times depending on the drink stuck inside
  • Hold up and look inside the straw to see if it is clean and smooth inside. If not, repeat the pipe cleaner. If so, you are done!

If you forgot about the straw and left smoothie in it…

Life happens, and we don’t always remember to do the dishes. If you left something in your straw overnight or (gasp) over the weekend, it might be a little hard. You might even question why you wanted to try reusable straws. Don’t give up yet!

If the steps above don’t get your straw clean, try dropping the straw in a pan or plate or hot water for a few hours. Your previous delicious drink should soften up and come right off when you run the pipe cleaner brush through it.

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