How To Apply Your Custom Patch with house hold iron

Interested in leather and synthetic leather patches but not sure how to go about applying them? Don’t worry! We have you covered right here and will review step-by-step instructions on how to apply your personalized leather patch via heat transfer with your own household iron!

Step 1: Pick your surface!  Unlike normal ironing, you want a surface that won’t take away the heat you are applying to your chosen apparel or garment. So avoid the ironing board or granite countertops.

Step 2: Pull out the iron and heat it up.  Unless otherwise stated, your iron should be set to “linen” for the application of your custom leather patch.

Step 3: Decide where you would like the patch to be on your garment, then remove the protective paper from the back of the patch and press adhesive side lightly down to hold it in place.  No need to push hard yet – the next step of ironing will do the work of firmly adhering the patch for you!

Step 4: We strongly recommend covering your garment to protect it from burning – you can use other household items like a tea towel, cover sheet, or kraft paper.  Place this protective layer over the patch and garment. 

Step 5: Applying a patch isn’t like the normal ironing of a shirt! Use your iron like a heat press by pressing and holding the warmed iron to the area for 25-30 seconds before moving on to the next part. 

Put on the pressure – don’t just rely on the heat to do all the work for you. To ensure good adhesion between your custom patch and your garment, you want to make sure to really lean in and press down on the iron as much as possible. This serves to push the adhesive from the patch down into the fibers of your garment, rather than allowing it to stick to the surface and peeling off.

Tip: Find the hottest spot on your iron and make use of it! Many – if not all – household irons have that one spot that stays consistently hot, while the rest of the surface may vary. Try to find that hot consistent spot and use it to really apply your personalized patch.

Step 6: Lift your protective sheet and ensure your patch has adhered.  If it peels up with the carrier sheet, don’t be afraid to re-apply again! Just place it back down and repeat the above steps.

We hope you have found these step-by-step instructions helpful! Of course, individual irons will vary in their heat based on brand and age, so it may take a try or two to get it perfect, but we have found this process works for most applications.

Enjoy your new and improved garment!!

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