How much does it cost to engrave a knife?

A good knife is hard to find!
Once you find that perfect constant companion, that you keep in your pocket or bag, a great way to set it apart, to personalize it, is with laser engraving!
Technically, most of the time, we laser “etch” the knife if lasering on the blade, and “engrave” it on the wood handle (if the knife has a wood handle).

engraved knife example
Engraved Gerber Knife

What’s the difference? Laser etching does not have depth (it is a permanent mark on the surface in a light tone-on-tone color or black, or if the blade is coated with a darker gray titanium coating, the laser etching comes out silver).
Laser engraving has depth – and is typical on wood handles.

What does it cost to engrave a knife?

It depends a little on quantity, below you can find some guidelines for custom lasering by Lazer Designs. Of course, this assumes you already have your knife – and are not going to purchase along with engraving (which you can do from our engraved knives store here)
Standard shaped knife (typical folders, fixed blades, most knives):
$35 each for one knife
$20 each for 2 knives
$15 each for 4 knives
$10 each for 6+ knives
$7 each for 12+ knives
If you are looking for more than 12, best to email to get a quote, including information about the knife you want customized, what you want to engrave on it, and your quantity. For 500+, we are around $0.75 to $1.50, depending on size of knife and engraving.
Larger knives, swords, machetes, or more expensive knives ($120+ retail price), the cost is typically:
$40 each for one knife
$25 each for 2 knives
$20 each for 4 knives
$15 each for 6+ knives
engraved titanium coated knifeWe don’t have a character limit fee (that price includes whatever fits on the engraving area – no extra charge if over a certain number of letters). Includes text, logos, clipart – whatever you want to laser. No setup fee. Additional locations (like 2nd side of blade, or blade and handle) usually add $2 to $5 per location depending on quantity.
We customize tens of thousands of knives every year – from 1 or 2 for groomsmen knives or cake servers or gifts for your boss, to hundreds or thousands at a time for corporate giveaways and customer appreciation gifts. What better way to say Thank You than with a quality, personalized knife that will be kept, used and sharpened and used again for decades to come?

8 thoughts on “How much does it cost to engrave a knife?”

  1. Hi, I would like to buy 2 specific knives on Amazon. Would it be possible for me to buy them off amazon and have you guys engrave the knife? Sorry for this being complicated, it is a very special gift.

    1. Yes this is no problem – we’ll just have you ship directly to us and then we’ll engrave and ship back out to you! We will reach out directly to you via email to get order setup

    1. Hi! We will reach out directly with next steps (having your knives shipped directly to us, we’ll engrave and then ship back out)!

  2. I have a brand new Case Eagle Scout pocket knife that I want the blade etched with my son’s name and the date he became an Eagle Scout. Will you do that? If not, can you give me ideas on who can?

    1. Great idea, yes we can. We will email you directly with the next steps to get your knife to us, engraved and back out to you

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