How much do custom pens costs?

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A custom pen makes a great gift for anyone. They are useful, practical for everyday use and if you get a high-quality pen and have it personalized it can be beautiful too!

A customized pen is the perfect graduation gift, a classy way to say thank you to someone, and on top of that, personalized pens are one of the most popular custom promotional gift options for companies to spread their brand because they fit into any type of event and adapt to any type of sector.

The best part of all is that personalized pens come in different materials, presentations, and prices, so you have many options to choose from.

In this article we will be covering what custom pens typically cost, including:

How Much Do Custom Engraved Pens Cost?

There’s a vast variety of prices for personalized pens and they all depend on the material, the model and the number of units you will need, going from about $0.20 for a basic plastic design up to almost $70 for a multi-function steel pen, but basically, the majority of engraved pens goes between $0.40 to $5 range.

Plastic Pens

Engraved Plastic pens with basic designs typically go from approximately $0.20 to $0.50, all depending on the mechanism (retractable, twist-action, or cap off.) Company logos and personalized names look pretty good in plastic, especially if you choose a pen color that highlights the colors of the chosen engraving.

Other features determine price on plastic pens, for instance highlighters, material, mechanism & type of imprint.

Grip Incorporated Pens

In the plastic area, we also have the engraved gripper pens, with a black or transparent design for the grip with a traditional or metallic look. They go from about $0.30 to $0.90 range and they’re appropriate if you prefer a more modern look with an easy grip.

Eco Friendly Pens

If you’re looking for a fun and different look, there is a selection of eco-friendly pen options including personalized wood pens, custom bamboo pens, and engraved recycled paper pens. Engraving on these materials look fresh and give eco-conscious businesses a boost in the promotional field.

The price for this variety of pens goes as low as $1.80 and can scale to almost $20, depending on both the features and quantity.

Metal Pens

In the high range, there are engraved aluminum pens and custom brass pens. The colors look bright and modern in this design and it gives a classy look to the engraving, perfect for gifts or tech companies that love the metallic modern look. The price is approximately $1.55 for basic designs.

High End, Luxury Executive Pens

Luxury executive pens aren’t just for the executives in the office. Consider offering some of these beautiful pens to your clients or even as a gift for that special someone. Find the perfect fit for anyone’s hand by selecting from wood, bamboo, aluminum, or brass. You’ll surely impress everyone with one of these elegant pens. 

Depending on the pen you select, they can run as low as $19.95 and up to $65. These pens are often best purchased in bulk, as the cost per pen will receive a significant discount. These are the perfect options for impressing clients, and boosting employee morale.

Tactical Pens

You can’t go wrong when it comes to a customized tactical pen featuring multitools and glass breaker. These are a favorite for tool lovers, with all the cool features that could help you in a jam, such as breaking a window during an emergency or screwing a painting to the wall.

Once you add in the free custom laser engraving that’s going to last for eternity, these pens are a win-win. Tactical pens come in a range of $14 to almost $70, an investment worth making for any go-to tool.

Stylus Pens

To go along with the digital era, a customized stylus pen is perhaps one of the most innovative promotional gift items on the market today. It seems like everyone has one smart device or another, and we know that there are several occasions where having a stylus would be much more preferable to using fingertips.

The price range for a stylus pen is from $0.95 in bulk all the way up to over $30.

Novelty Pens

The novelty pens come in a variety of material options and are the favorite for medical, sports, and animal-related companies. You could personalize the look (Like a baseball bat or a spinal column) and also the engraving. The average cost for these is between $1 and $25.

 Here at Lazer Designs we carry the personalized baseball bat novelty pens, a popular fundraising option for little league, softball, and baseball teams. These are an excellent way to congratulate the team for a game well played.

Pencils and Highlighters

Outside of pens, you also have the choice of grabbing personalized pencils and highlighters. These are very popular among the promotional items that companies look for, especially if their target is teenagers, college students, and children.

The budget for these options is essentially low, between $.40 and can go as high as $20, depending on the design and the units that you need.

Custom Handmade Pens

Custom Handmade Pens are in an entirely new level all their own. They are an excellent option to truly capture your personality and taste as these pens are often made by crafters who take the time to work on each pen individually.

The skill required for the crafting of these pens is impressive to say the least with the finished product being a fantastic gift option for both family and friends. While we don’t have these custom handmade pens here at Lazer Designs, we do have the option to further personalize your handmade pen with your choice of laser engraved text or design. Just get in contact with us for more details!

Custom Historic Fountain Pen from –

The cost of these pens can vary greatly depending on how detailed the design is and what type of material is used. The type of custom handmade pen will also impact the cost. For example, a fountain pen is going to offer a higher price tag than your standard ballpoint pen. You can plan to spend between $10 and over $600.

Final Thoughts

In general, if you’re a company that needs promotional products or a person who needs an original and personal gift that’s going to be treasured for years, a personalized pen or pencil is an amazing choice.

You have a vast variety of options in colors, sizes, materials, and prices, so you can choose the one that matches your needs. You won’t regret the decision of choosing a personalized pen because, despite the advances in technology, we will always need a pen.

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