Hosting Halloween Parties With Party Favors

It’s that time of year again. Time to throw on a cute sweater and some nice fall boots for the day. You can head to your favorite coffee place and find pumpkin spice everything along with some pumpkin beers all throughout your local brewery. 

You’ll see huge bags of candy taking over your local grocery stores and pumpkin patches popping up all over the place, apple orchards are the place to visit. There are tons of treats for people of all ages. October is here!

Are you looking for a way to add some fun party favors when you host your next Halloween party? Let’s take a look at some awesome customized gifts your guests will be sure to love!

Make it Spooktactular with Custom Drinkware

When organizing a Halloween party you can’t forget the spooky drinks! Adding some cute Halloween themed beverages alongside the usual beer and wine is one way to not only add a ton of fun but to give your guests something that will remind them of the good times they had.

Skip the plastic cups. Even the ones featuring chalk friendly surfaces will be tossed before the night is done. To make a truly memorable Halloween party, grab some drinkware specific to your guests! These are perfect options for those smaller gatherings – personalized laser engraved drinkware is the way to go.

For guests who love some warm apple cider consider customizing a personalized tumbler. A tall tumbler will not only stick with them throughout the entire party but afterward as well! Perfect for coffee, cocoa, and more this is one option that will stick around for years.

Are your party-goers more laid back? Perhaps you’re having a nice get-together with conversation, treats and a delicious dinner. If that’s the case then consider some personalized glassware to include take home after the party. From wine-glasses to glass tumblers there are numerous possibilities when it comes to customizing the perfect glass for the occasion.

Wanting to create some cute Halloween-themed desserts? From mini spiced pumpkin latte shots to some delicious mini desserts – Like pumpkin spice parfaits! Custom shot glasses are THE way to go! Personalize your chosen shot glass per person, or with Halloween and the date.

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller a cool customized shot glass will do the trick! Everyone loves collecting shot glasses. A fun laser-engraved shot glass that reminds them of the best Halloween party they’ve ever been to will look perfect in their collection.

Wine, Beer, Or Both?

Have some baskets set up near the beer and wine with a cute saying telling your guests to take one home with them. Fill the baskets with some useful favors your guests will love. Laser-engrave the favors with a catchy phrase or a fun design that will make these gifts even more special. 

Grab a gift for your beer drinkers to use throughout the night that can easily be tossed in their bag, purse, or pocket. How about a custom monogrammed bottle opener? Have your initials and the year laser-engraved onto the surface. 

Don’t forget the wine drinkers at the party! Add a special Halloween touch by taking your wine bottles and wrapping them in gauze or some sort of medical tape. Add some eyeballs onto the bottle and you’ll have your very own set of mummified wine bottles.

You can never have too many wine bottle openers in your house. They always seem to go missing right at the time you need them most. Give your guests the perfectly personalized wine bottle opener. It’s certainly a gift they’ll appreciate!

You can even leave a few extra wine bottle openers at the table to use throughout the night. Depending on how fast your guests drink, it will save you some time if they can easily open a new bottle of wine by themselves. They won’t have to rummage through your house or spend their time finding you to open it.

Trick Or Treat

Really drive home your Halloween theme with some fun sweets and treats your guests can enjoy. Set up an area that they can eat some tasty food all while adding to your Halloween decor. 

You can find tons of creepy gummy treats that people love. Make the table look alive with some creepy candy eyeballs staring at them from the bowl. Use some of those glow in the dark gummy worms to crawl around the table. 

You can even bake some desserts like cupcakes or brownies and decorate them with a cool design. Think about making them into little Frankenstein heads or making them in the shape of ghosts. 

Caramel apples are a staple around this time of year. Have some premade caramel apples or get creative with a DIY caramel apple station. Have some toppings set out like nuts or chocolate and let them make their own.

If you want to add a little trickery to the night you can mix in some not so tasty treats. Kind of like how there are the jelly beans that you don’t know whether it’s going to be a delicious one or one that tastes disgusting.

Have Some Games And Competition

You can really get a good turn out with costumes if you let everyone know how serious you are. Add a note in your invite that there will be costume contests. You can crown somebody as creepiest costume, most elaborate, best DIY costume, etc.

Offer everyone a fun prize they can take home with them. If you really want to go all out you can have your own customized awards created for each of the winners. Have the title they won and a fun name for your Halloween party laser-engraved onto it. People love to win!

Bobbing for apples is always an easy game that’s fun. Toss some apples in a creepy cauldron. You can even find a light that will change the color of the water to red or green to match your theme. I wouldn’t suggest food coloring because it might stain someone’s face.

Who doesn’t love beer pong? Add a fun twist to your beer pong by making the pong balls spooky. Draw or find some eyeball stickers that you can place on the balls. It’ll add a Halloween touch to a common drinking game.

Dance The Night Away

Who doesn’t love to breakdown some moves on the dance floor? Especially if they’ve had some liquid courage to help them along. Create a fun area for your guests to use as a dance floor for the night. 

You don’t have to have an actual dance floor to make it work. Simply clear out a little area and decorate around it. Add some fog machines on the sides that will cast a smokey cloud across the floor.

You don’t have to hire an expensive DJ to get everyone to have some fun on the dance floor. Take some time to pick out a cool Halloween themed playlist. Add some songs that everyone can love. 

Everyone loves to dance to some of those songs that you automatically know the moves to. Whether it’s the electric slide with a spooky tone or another group dance that people just can’t resist. You might even end up with a fun dance-off in the crowd!

Gift Them A Goodie Bag

Everyone loves leaving a party with a fun goodie bag. What is Halloween without a little candy? Gather some cute paper bags in black and orange to fill with some sweet treats and party favors for your guests. 

If you don’t want to deal with baggies you can look for different Halloween pails. It’s easy to find some little pumpkins or even little cauldrons you can use. It will be a nice added touch and a bit sturdier for your fun favors.

What can you toss in your goodie bag that will make it unforgettable? Throw in some fun laser-engraved favorites for your guests to take home. A creative and unique party favor to add would be a personalized pocket token. They’re small and fun and come in tons of different shapes and sizes. 

A fun keychain is always a nice gift to send your guests home with. Adding a personalized keychain with a cool laser-engraved design like a spider or pumpkin and the year of the party will help them relive the fun every day. 

Toss in some Halloween type gag gifts for your guests to take home as well. Throw in some of those plastic vampire teeth that everyone wore as a kid. Maybe add some fun spider rings and candy corn. 

What is something you can never have enough of but always seem to be M.I.A when you need them? A working pen and pencil tend to be what I never have when needed. If I’m lucky enough to find one, it will undoubtedly be out of ink or the pencil tip will be broken off. 

Throw some custom pens and pencils in their goodie bag along with some of your sweet treats. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gift when they get it. They’ll appreciate it even more when they’re in a pinch and need something to write with. 

Have your last name, the year, a custom design, or even a cute saying laser-engraved onto the pen and pencil to personalize it. Every time they frantically find your gifted writing utensil they’ll think of you. You’ll be their hero without even knowing it!

Final Thoughts

There are so many ideas you can use to create an awesome experience for your guests. Party favors are a nice added touch. Everyone loves a good gift!

Have something different in mind that you’d like to add as a gift? We have something for everyone! Take a peek at some additional gifts that you can personalize for any occasion.

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