Hostess Gifts As A Special Thank You

Get your party hostess a great personalized gift to say thanks

If you’ve ever thrown a party, you know just how much work goes into being a great hostess! 

You are constantly being pulled in all directions making sure the snacks are full and the guests are taken care of.  Taking all of that time and effort into consideration, it’s only right to get your hostess a gift as a special thank you!

It isn’t always easy to know what to get, the traditional bottle of wine or plate of food for the party is a great idea, but to really show your appreciation why not get your host a lasting, personalized gift?

What Are Some Good Hostess Gifts?

In this article today we will be reviewing some fantastic gift ideas, including:

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Does Your Hostess Enjoy Wine?

Bringing a bottle for the hostess when you’re attending a party is a common gift.  If you know what type of wine they like or you’re lucky enough to be able to pick out a winner then this is a great gift that won’t disappoint. 

If you don’t know their favorite beverage, you run the risk of getting them something they’ll hate.  Why not add something extra with that wine bottle to truly make the gift special?

A personalized wine box is a perfect addition to any bottle of wine you select. Even if the hostess doesn’t care much for the wine you choose, a laser engraved wine box will more than make up for it by showing that you have taken the time to prepare a thoughtful gift that is not only unique but functional!

Is the party you’re attending a special occasion such as for a wedding or anniversary? Add a bit of oomph to your gift by personalizing a wine box with the couple’s names and anniversary date so that they may treasure it forever!

You can step up the personalized wine box even further by bringing them one that gives them all the tools they’ll need!  They won’t need to worry about finding the right tool for the job, instead, they will all be right there.

If you’re looking for something different but still wine-related, consider instead a laser engraved wine opener. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find one that your hostess will thoroughly enjoy.

Are You Going To A Housewarming Party?

Housewarming parties are one of the best opportunities to give a great gift to the hostess.  Typically, if they’re newly moving into a house, they’re in need of everything!  You’ll have no trouble picking out some awesome gifts that will enhance their lives and make their home really feel like home!

Does the hostess enjoy cooking some BBQ?  Perhaps some personalized BBQ grilling tools are in order. Customize your gift with your choice of laser engraved text or design. Consider adding the new address as a special way of saying “Welcome Home!” 

Are you not sure what their decorations are like in their new home? Bring them something that will match any decor they have. Consider some engraved kitchen utensils that will help brighten their day every time they use them!

Not sure if the hostess is a fan of cooking?  Go for something that is functional, should they like to cook, but can also be used simply as a decoration!  A custom slate cutting board is the perfect gift to give. 

What makes this so gorgeous is the ability to personalize the cutting board with whatever you’d like! Pair their names with one of our predesigns for a truly unique gift. Slate cutting boards are strong enough to handle the chopping of veggies and meat but elegant enough to hang on their wall to be admired.

If you want to give them something they can use immediately, bring along a set of personalized laser engraved coasters featuring their monogrammed initials! If your hostess is throwing a party, they can put those coasters right into action to prevent any ring marks on their new furniture.  Best of all, there are different shapes, styles, designs, and materials to choose from to perfectly match your hostess’ new home!

Speaking of eco-friendly, give the gift of engraved reusable straws.  If the great variety of colors the straws come in aren’t enough, you can even get the straws custom made for your hostess by having them laser engraved and make a full set with silicone tips and cleaners. Reusable straws are a great eco-friendly gift idea!

Having A Girl’s Night?

A girl’s night is always a good time, but it also can take a lot of prepping from the hostess.  You can bring along a gift for the hostess that isn’t just something they’ll love, but something that will add value to their night!

When you offer to bring something, suggest that you bring some wine and nice cheese for everyone to eat and drink. This gives you the opportunity to show some appreciation for the hostess by bringing along a nice wine and cheese set to go along with it!  This gift will look great on the table with your laser engraved custom text or design.

You’ll need something to pour your wine into at the party.  While wine glasses are nice, they’re also more likely to get broken when someone has had a few too many! 

Consider grabbing the hostess some nice personalized tumblers. Putting wine in a thermal tumbler will keep the drink cold or warm, depending on how you prefer to drink it.  But an even bigger bonus is you’ll possibly be saving the hostess’ carpet or furniture from an avoidable spill.

Is the hostess one of your good friends?  Give them something truly sentimental with a laser engraved picture frame.  Print out a picture of you and the hostess, or your close group of friends and present your chosen picture frame not only featuring your favorite photo together but an engraving of “best friends” with each of your names. 

Your hostess will be touched by the thoughtfulness of your personalized gift!

What if the girl’s night is being held outside to enjoy some nice weather?  Bring along a personalized bag or cooler for your hostess. With a custom laser engraved patch, they will never have to worry about their bag getting confused at a party. A hostess on the go deserves a bag to match their food and beverage transferring needs!

Ready to pick out the perfect personalized gift for your hostess?

Regardless of the type of party, you’re attending, keep in mind how much time and effort they’ve put into that event. Whether they’re your best friend or just an acquaintance, there is always a gift you can give for any occasion that they will truly appreciate.

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