Fun Facts About Hip Flasks

Throughout history, the hip flask has been a popular icon for storing, hiding, and carrying alcohol on one’s person. Modern trends show suave gentlemen sipping from their flask while attending a high-class black tie event. Hip and coat flasks have been seen throughout history and in today’s world, are a big part of occasions where gifts may be exchanged.

Flasks have been well known to be used as wedding gift ideas, 21st birthday gifts, and as part of flask gift sets. Overall, the hip flask is a pretty cool gift idea, especially the personalized engraved flasks. As much as we love flasks, there are a few facts that many of us just don’t know. So here in this article, allow us to enlighten you. 

What Is A Flask Used For?

The quick answer to this is for an individual to simply carry a preferred liquor to an out of the home gathering or event where drinking is appropriate. While not limited to black tie events, the flask is an excellent option for enjoying that special drink that is typically stored away at home.

Many gentlemen will share the contents of their flasks with close friends in order to provide a gentle buzz that adds that extra bit of enjoyment to the chosen event or gathering. Of course there is a lot more to flasks than that.

What Types Of Beverages Are Stored In Hip Flasks?

As stated above, the core purpose of a hip flask is to bring along your favorite hard alcoholic beverage when going places you know your first choice will either not be offered, or you’re looking for a bigger kick.

That being said, let’s point that the keyword that needs to be made note of here is the “hard alcohol” part. Especially if you’re using a metal based flask, you’re going to want to treat your flask right! So avoid the mixers and stick with the undiluted spirits such as whiskey, vodka, rum or scotch.

Beverages to avoid:

  • Carbonated beverages including beers, ciders, and wine coolers
  • Wine and champagne
  • Cream liqueurs, such as Baileys or Dooley’s
  • Citrus liqueurs such as hard lemonades

The thing to keep in mind about metal based flasks is that while they do great with the hard liquors they are still metallic so some important considerations need to be made. Along with avoiding the mixers, skip the carbonated and cream based drinks. Not only do these readily pick up metallic flavors, but they may also cause some corrosion to the inside of your flask. Not to mention hip flasks are not the best at temperature control, so cream-based beverages are sure to quickly spoil.

Are Flasks Illegal?

As a rule of thumb, the flask itself isn’t illegal. It’s what’s inside that counts.

The idea behind the use of flasks has been around for century’s and some of our most favorite phrases came around during the 1920’s US prohibition. While today the term ‘hipster’ may refer to an individual who is up to date with the latest and greatest trends, back in the day this referred to individuals who were bold enough to carry hip flasks during the prohibition period.

You may be equally surprised to learn that the term “Bootlegged” additionally came from the use of hip flasks during the prohibition as men and women alike would hide their flasks within the side of their boots.

While thankfully the prohibition was lifted in December of 1933, many states still have what is referred to as the open container law. This law prevents individuals from carrying around their favorite adult beverages in public. While we don’t provide any legal advice when it comes to using hip flasks — Or at all –we definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with the local laws before enjoying your favorite liquor from your stylish monogrammed flask.

When And Where Can I Take My Flask?

A man’s (or woman’s) flask is a sacred accessory meant to be kept to one’s self in the form of a secret rebellion against low quality and overpriced liquors. So when looking for your perfect flask you may be asking yourself: Where can I take this baby?

For one, you may want to avoid bringing your treasured flask to weddings, be it your own or someone you know. It’s not entirely considered classy to be caught drinking your own liquor, but then again, what they don’t know won’t hurt them right? So long as you’re a gentleman about it, you should be good. Just don’t be surprised when you receive judgment glances.

Flasks are great for bringing to parties, events, concerts and festivals, outdoor trips like fishing, hunting, camping or even trail riding. Other’s bring their favorite flasks to sporting events, tailgating, and even good old fashioned BBQ’s.

Fact is, regardless of the negative stigmas surrounding flask users, when used with appropriate flask etiquette, there just isn’t enough alcohol to do anything beyond give the drinker a pleasant buzz. More often than not, flask users are looking to have a fun, relaxed time, and a bit of a buzz is just the cherry on top.

What Materials Are Used To Make Hip Flasks?

So earlier we mentioned metal-based flasks when it comes to storing liquor. The materials used in the making of flasks is a big question that should always be asked when looking for your perfect hip flask! While many automatically assume stainless steel, you may be surprised to learn that there are several different materials used to both make and decorate hip flasks.

First off, yes, many flasks are indeed made from stainless steel, other materials that may be used include pewter, glass, and silver. Like stainless steel, pewter and silver each have their own negative properties when it comes to their contact with our liquor. The heavy metallic flavor and fragrance are two of the biggest issues faced with these materials.

Of course, the first and most popular flask material was glass, especially given its lack of impact on both the flavor and fragrance of the chosen beverage. The biggest downside to glass, however, is the weight and fragility. While perhaps great for use at home safely tucked in the personal bar, glass flasks may not be the best go-to when attending events or parties.

What Is The Best Flask Material?

So having discussed the different hip flask materials, next comes the big question: What IS the best flask made from? We’ll save you the suspense: The answer is the good old stainless steel. But why?

The benefits of stainless steel match closely with those of glass-based flasks. When well maintained, stainless steel hip flasks do not affect the flavors and aromas of beverages and unlike glass, it is both lightweight and durable enough to handle even the most aggressive party-goer. The best part of stainless steel flasks is the ability to personalize them with your own permanent custom laser engravings.

How To Choose The Best Flask For You?

Contrary to popular belief, not all flasks are made equal. As shared above the difference in materials alone greatly affects how a flask will perform in storing liquor. When you’re looking at the differences in flasks consider three things: The materials used, the shape, and the capacity. We’ve already covered materials, so what about the shape and capacity?

When it comes to flask shapes you have three distinct options:

  • Kidney shaped
  • Straight
  • Round

The most popular option is typically the kidney-shaped and straight flasks with the kidney shapes having different curvature. The reason for the curves is so that they are able to fit snugly against a curved part of the body, like a hip, within a back pocket, or even within a boot. Meanwhile, the straight flasks are great for storing in jacket pockets.

The rounded flasks aren’t nearly as common, however, they have found some popularity among feminine crowds as they give a ‘womanly vibe.’

Finally looking at capacity, you will more or less get 1 shot per ounce. So choosing the right sized flask for your outing needs will be the difference between having a good consistent buzz with friends, and sipping alone.

A flask like the Classic Stanley Flask features a leak proof, insulated, classic design, while the Stanley Unbreakable Flask is a high end, high performance flask.

How many shots Are in a flask?

As stated above you’re looking at more or less 1 shot per ounce. This helps a ton in choosing the right flask for you and your needs, depending on how long you plan to be out and how much you plan on sipping. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common sized flasks and their shot count.

4oz flask = 4 shots
6oz flask = 6 shots (most common)
8oz flask = 8 shots

There are a few good rules of etiquette that go along with being a flask carrying gentleman or lady. First and foremost, don’t carry more liquor than you can safely drink, it’s best to avoid the embarrassment.

  • Don’t carry a flask for the sake of getting drunk. Not only is this very ungentlemanly like and unladylike, it completely defeats the purpose of carrying a flask in the first place.
  • Carry your flask sparingly, save it for those special occasions and gatherings.
  • Don’t be ‘that guy’ and bring your flask to bars and restaurants. For one, it again defeats the purpose of the flask and additional makes you look cheap.
  • Avoid bringing your flask where you wouldn’t normally bring alcohol, for example to an interview, inside government buildings, or funerals.

Any Other Special Considerations For Hip Flask Beverages?

You bet! As stated above hip flasks are really bad at temperature control. This means that they will not only lose their coolness rather quickly but also warm up quickly too. For this reason, it’s recommended to grab a coat flask for those liquors you prefer at room temperature for storing in a jacket pocket. Additionally, keep all flasks away from direct sunlight.

Decoration methods such as the inclusion of a leatherette wrap may help with your flasks internal temperature, the fact remains that these awesome birthday gifts are not built for cooler beverages. And finally, be sure to avoid storing liquor for more than 3 days. Not only is it disrespectful to the liquor, but it’s bad for the flask too.

Where Can I Buy A Flask?

We hope we shared some fun flask facts that you didn’t yet know or at least got a great refresher course! If you’re in the market for your next personalized flask then be sure to take a closer look at our custom laser engraved selection. We have some great flasks at great prices that are perfect as a treat to yourself, or even as one of your unique wedding gifts for those couples who have everything.

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