Feeding the Hungry … the Broomfield FISH

“Times are tough!” Bet you’ve heard that once or twice in the last few months. Everyone knows the effects of this recession we are experiencing to one degree or another. It is hard. If you are searching for a job, trying to relocate and keep your family together, facing sending your kids to college, or facing the realization that the ends are just not going to meet, you know the pain of recession. Many of us are fortunate enough to wake up each day to the blessing of work to do and a means to do it. Many of us are wondering how we are going to feed our children today … and this is where the Broomfield FISH comes in.
The FISH is a human services agency here in Broomfield, Colorado, that seeks to ease the burden on its local residents. This organization provides services in food distribution, shelter assistance, utility assistance, and transportation assistance. Assistance is available to residents in Broomfield, and as a business residing in Broomfield, Team Lazer has decided that we would like to help.
During the month of September, Lazer Designs has been striving to feed the FISH, and we’d love your help. If you are local, drop by with one of the items listed below, and add them to our FISH food pyramid.

Thanks to the following businesses who are partnering with us during this food drive:

KG Clean
Main Street Pedi-Cabs, Inc.
Lighted Promotions
TJK Sweep
Team Sport Photography
5th Gear
Colorado Envelope, Inc.
Flatirons Scuba and Travel
Emmaus Road Community
Carenet Associates, LLC
Kodo Kids
Unique Nails
Calico Books
Acme Hydroponics
Bouquet Boutique
Golden Bear Bikes
Horizon Chiropractic


Our food drive ends Monday, October 4th.

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