Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Metal Straws

Stainless Steel Straws With Brush

Metal straws have exploded in popularity. Cities worldwide have begun banning single-use plastic straws. The world is turning to longer-lasting, reusable, and recyclable straws. Metal straws are the future of straw-kind. Let’s look at these straws and what we need to know when traveling with them.

  • The Benefits Of Traveling With A Metal Straw
  • Which Eco-Friendly Straw Is For You?
  • How To Store Your Metal Straws
  • The Importance Of Cleaning Your Straws
  • Are Metal Straws TSA Friendly?

The Benefits Of Traveling With A Metal Straw

Whether you’re hopping on a flight for your next business trip or heading on your next big road trip, hunting trip, or even camping and hiking, the benefits of traveling with a reusable straw are immense. Here we have compiled a modest list of the benefits of traveling with your reusable straws.

Drinking With Metal Straws Is A Way Of Life
  • Reusable metal straws are portable – Meaning you can take them anywhere and everywhere with you.
  • Easy to clean! You may be surprised to learn that reusable straws are easy and quick to clean. Best of all most straw sets include their own cleaning brush that can be brought along with you!
  • Most fit standard travel mugs – Want to use a straw with your travel mug or tumbler? Many metal straws fit most mugs!
  • Durable and longlasting – Unlike single-use plastic straws and even plastic straws that come with sports bottles, metal straws are durable and long-lasting for years of use!
  • Engravable – That’s right, you can have your metal straws personalized with your own engraved text.
  • Reduction of toxic fumes – Every time a plastic straw is manufactured, toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere. The use of metal straws helps reduce production.
  • Reduction of plastic in the ocean – You’ve seen the videos of sea turtles and plastic straws right? The truth is, plastic in our oceans is a real problem and you can help by taking this big step to help reduce plastic in landfills and our oceans.
  • Cost reduction – If you have ever purchased plastic one-use straws, you know how each purchase adds up. With metal straws, you’re doing your part for the environment.

The overall benefits of switching to reusable and sustainable metal straws over the one-use plastic straws is immense. When you make this lifestyle change you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint, but inspiring others to do the same!

Which Metal Straw Is For You?

Good metal straws should not produce any metal aftertaste. If yours does, it’s time to get a new one. The good news is that most non-customized stainless steel metal straws come in sets under ten dollars, usually with multiple straws. Metal straws are generally sold in heights from 8 inches or 10 inches and come in various widths. Some are sold pre-bent to mimic a traditional bendy straw.

There are some great eco-friendly straws that include soft, silicone tips to cover the drinking end which helps keep the sensation of drinking similar to their disposable cousins.

If you’re concerned about stabbing something, there are collapsible metal drinking straws as well. These straws are great if space limitations have made metal straws too much of a hassle in the past. Some collapsible metal straws come with a key ring attachment for better portability. However, the extra telescoping parts on these straws means extra attention when cleaning.

Storing And Cleaning Your Metal Straws

Most straw kits come with a fabric carrying case to tuck them away between uses. One of the best ways to travel with your straws is by using this cloth carrier. If you plan on a couple uses between cleans, take one container for dirty straws and one for clean. It’s worth the extra work of keeping your straws fresh for each use.

When you travel with metal straws, be sure to clean them regularly. Bacteria can grow in them if they are not cleaned routinely. Nearly all metal straw kits come with their own cleaning brush. So be sure to use the cleaning brush that came with your metal straws, even if they are dishwasher safe! That extra scrub will go a long way in preventing bacterial growth and removing any leftover residue of your previous beverage.

One big question for travelers who can’t clean their straws right away is won’t a metal straw rust from being left alone? Or from regular cleaning? In all honesty, if you have a well-made straw it will never rust! Stainless steel straws made from 18/8 grade stainless steel and will never rust nor leach metals.

Can I Fly With Metal Straws?

A bit question today is: Will my metal straws be a problem at airport security? Thankfully, TSA has announced that metal straws are safe for carry-on bags. As more cities move away from one use plastic straws and have begun banning them, more and more people have begun traveling with their own alternatives and TSA is aware of this. So don’t worry about your eco-friendly straws when traveling by plane!

Ready To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Straw?

Once you’ve decided to take that first step in replacing those one-use plastic straws with reusable eco-friendly straws you know you’re ready to find the perfect straw for you! Here at Lazer Designs, we have a variety of customized reusable straw options featuring your choice of laser engraved text!

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