Everything to Know About Hydro Flasks Origin, Logo, and Community

Hydro Flasks and the Hydro Flasks Logo are everywhere today. Their products have been written about in nearly every major publication—Forbes, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, USA today, and Conde Nast Traveler—to name a few. So it’s surprising to learn that the company itself, as of 2019 is only 10 years old. Clearly, Hydro Flask created something everyone’s talking about.

Engraved Hydro Flask
Engraved Hydro Flask

Where Did The Idea For Hydro Flasks Originate?

Hydro Flask was founded by Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse in 2009 when they decided to do something about beverage containers that couldn’t keep drinks to temperature.

The market didn’t have products that kept cold long enough. What if you wanted to travel somewhere and take a cold drink, but a cooler was out of the question? They developed their own solution and changed outdoor travel experiences forever.

The technology that Hydro Flask uses consists of a vacuum space between two layers of stainless steel in order to minimize heat transfer. The technique is nearly 100 years old, but previous products (you may remember the sight of a large, green thermos beside a construction worker at lunch) aimed to maintain a hot temperature as long as possible.

Hydro Flask, however, aimed at the opposite. To keep something cold for as long as possible and with the addition of their signature powder-coated outer finish, Hydro Flask was born.

Hydro Flask transitioned to a lifestyle company in 2012 and put their methods and materials through the environmental-friendly ringer. Their bottles are 100% recyclable. The company also added charitable giving as a part of their M.O.

How Did Hydro Flask Design Their Logo?

In 2015 the company began to search for a new logo using crowdspring to gather together as many logos as possible. After screening nearly 500 entries, the current Hydro Flask Logo arrived, replacing a similar figure with a thicker, more recognizable logo.

Today the Hydro Flask Logo decorates an expanded catalog of around 100 items, but the core Hydro Flask 18 oz and 24 oz bottles are where it all began and where they remain most recognized.

Hydro Flask Featuring Chosen Logo

How Has Hydro Flask Given Back?

Over the years, Hydro Flask funneled their commercial successes into charities. Hydro Flask created its own initiative called Parks for All. This initiative sees them supporting a number of non-profits that contribute towards parks, trails, and groups that celebrate the outdoors.

Hydro Flask Parks For All

To date, 63 non-profits have received aid from Hydro Flask. Check out their tags #ParksForAll and #WeLoveOurParks to learn more. The success of Hydro Flask and its transition to a lifestyle company means a large community exists to celebrate their products.

Hydro Flask In Social Media

The Hydro Flask website celebrates customers on a page named live.hydroflask.com. There you can find a dozen testimonials about how Hydro Flasks are impacting lives. Their social media presence is a visual assault of spectacular outdoor vistas.

Their Instagram has over 600k followers as of this writing with an endless stream of jaw-dropping panoramas. On Twitter, you can find ongoing promotions and exciting giveaways. Their YouTube channel highlights the latest products and the stories of people they call Hydro Flask Ambassadors. Hydro Flask has become an outdoor goods powerhouse and no doubt will remain a company to follow for years to come.

Final Thoughts

The Hydro Flask company and brand have not only provided us with some great drinkware technology but have inspired others to follow suit in creating comparable bottles. Thus allowing consumers and businesses alike to explore different vacuum insulated bottle options!

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