Engraved Wine Box Review VIDEO

Engraved wine boxes make beautiful gifts, and are the perfect way to showcase your gift of wine!
Our personalized wine boxes have felt interiors, which cradle your wine bottle inside, and include tools in the lid, completing the gift. Perfect end of year gifts for your customers, or wedding gifts!

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We’re going to review some of our most popular wine boxes.
This is our rosewood finish wine box, which looks great with gold or silver fill.
Most of our single wine boxes have the same set of tools:

  • a foil cutter
  • a pourer
  • a stopper
  • and a 3 function corkscrew. The corkscrew includes a knife, a bottle opener, and a boot lever.

They all have a nice soft velveteen lining to cradle your bottle of wine, and a cover to protect the wine from the tools.
Our 2nd most popular wine box is our black finish box, which looks stunning with silver fill. It features a gold lining and the same set of tools.
Our 3rd most popular is our bamboo wine box, which looks great just straight engraved with no color fill, comes out nice and dark on the lid.
It has a nice black lining to show off your wine gift, and the tools on this one actually have bamboo on them as well.
On the higher end we have our piano finish wine box, which comes in a single or double box. The double box has 2 pourers and a wine thermometer.
We also have a high gloss burlwood finish, which falls between the piano finish wine box and the basic rosewood finish box in price.
To personalize and get more info on these wine boxes, click here to go to our website.

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