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With many businesses sending employees home for remote work we are beginning to realize that this may not be enough. Experts have listed several recommendations regarding ways to avoid contracting the Covid19 virus including:

  • Standing 6 feet away from other individuals
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Self-quarantine – Stay at home
  • Deep cleaning
  • Use of sanitizers

Unfortunately for many citizens, we have seen a significant increase in the purchase of necessary sanitizing products. Which makes staying safe a bit more difficult than is ideal.

We all know that staying locked away in the home long-term isn’t always possible, and if there is a lack of hand sanitizer available the potential for infection is high. As an employer, you may be aware of the importance for

Use Hand-Sanitizer To Keep Safe

Here at Lazer Designs we fully understand what it means to ensure the safety and health of your staff. In our search for how to help our fellow businesses, we have assembled a list of sanitary gift ideas that would be a fantastic addition to your employee gift basket.

  • Hands-Free Soap/Sanitizer/Lotion Dispenser
  • Naturally Antimicrobial Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Antimicrobial Mouse Pad
  • Portable Hand Sanitizers
  • Smart Device Screen Cleaner & UV Cleaner
  • Portable Sanitizing Wipes

Something For The Home

We all know and understand the importance of washing our hands – especially during a virus outbreak like Covid19. Consider providing your employees with a hands-free option to keep not only themselves but their families safe as well with a Custom Hands-Free Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser.

With an infrared sensor, this hands-free dispenser is perfect for soap, sanitizers and even lotions. The touch-free technology not only helps reduce contamination risks but messes of spilled contents as well. Add your company logo so your employees are reminded every day of how much you appreciate and care for them.

Being stuck at home means your employees will be cooking more often. Did you know that bamboo is naturally anti-microbial? Making a natural and personalized bamboo cutting board from Totally Bamboo a fantastic gift option that really says “I want you to stay healthy.”

To better encourage your remote employees to stay home and stay safe, consider sending a gift card for one of the top ship-to-home food companies. Omaha Steaks offers a fantastic selection of delicious meats and food so that your employees won’t need to leave the house and we guarantee they will love it!

Something For The Office

Next up, alongside a hands-free soap dispenser and naturally antimicrobial cutting board, remote employees need additional protection while at the computer. So consider including this Mouse Carpet™ Antimicrobial Fabric Mouse Pad in your employee care package!

Featuring antimicrobial protection that has been built into every fiber during the manufacturing process, this mouse pad is perfect not just for the home office, but for schools and libraries as well. When it comes to remote employees, this would be a fantastic addition to their workspace.

We mentioned above the benefits of antimicrobial bamboo, so what better way to extend that added protection by including some personalized bamboo pens! With options including twist top, click top, and even those with a built in stylus you are sure to find something that everyone will enjoy.

On The Go Hand Sanitizer 

With the risk of employees heading out and about to obtain essentials for home it is best to keep some hand sanitizer close at hand. Providing your employees with a quick and easy Branded Clip-N-Go hand sanitizer is a great start, along with some Hand Sanitizer With Color Moisture Beads.

Employees will be able to clip this sanitizer to wallets, purse, or even a keychain to keep this 1.8oz bottle close at hand. With a 62% alcohol content solution and a flip-top lid, this customizable sanitizer bottle is perfect for those on the go.

Hand Sanitizer Mini Spray Bottle

An additional option alongside the Clip-N-Go option is a mini Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle. With a 62% ethyl alcohol-based formula this 0.33oz spray bottle with a removable cap is a fantastic addition to the sanitizing arsenal for those who plan to head out of the home.

Phone Sanitation

Let’s face it, we all have a smart-phone or tablet of one kind or another. Typically our electronics are close at hand, receiving the brunt of all the germs we carry on hand and face. Which is why we need to focus our sanitation efforts on these high-risk areas.

Thankfully, the individuals at Origaudio have come up with a fantastic solution for keeping smart device screens clean and germ-free with their PhoneSoap Shine® Phone Screen Cleaner

Phonesoap Shine – Phone Screen Cleaner

This is a unique 2 in 1 portable cleaning solution that is safe for all screens. With a slim design, this screen cleaner will fit perfectly in pocket or purse and features both solution and microfiber cloth.

Given scientific studies estimate cell phones to have 18 times more bacteria and germs than a public restroom – Origaudio additionally developed another method of keeping devices clean.

3.0 UV Sanitizer

The PhoneSoap® 3.0 UV Sanitizer has been featured both on SharkTank and proven on MythBusters for providing a safe and effective method of cleaning your smart devices. When it comes to helping your employees stay safe, this is yet another item that is a must-have inaudio an employee appreciation gift bag.

Don’t Forget The Sanitizer Wipes

Remember how we mentioned the excessive purchasing above? The part where we noted how many Americans are going without necessities and sanitizing products due to bulk purchasing?

The same goes for sanitizing wipes. Whether they are at home or in the store, antibacterial wipes are a must-have for any household. So in your employee gift bag, consider these two branded options.

Mini Canister Wet Wipes
Sanitizer Wipes in Re-Sealable Pouch

Between the Mini Canister Wet Wipes and the Sanitizer Wipes in Re-Sealable Pouch, you’ll have just what you need for showing your employees how much you care about their safety and health.

Each option has an FDA approved alcohol-free formula for gentle on the skin cleansing. The mini canisters contain 24 wipes, while the pouches contain 10.

Under The Weather Additions

For those who are not feeling their best, include a little something that says “Get well soon!”

Immune boosters are a great way to start! This set includes natural immune-boosting spices that won’t interact with any prescribed medications allowing you to provide a unique gift to encourage good health.

Alongside natural immune-boosters consider adding a special Under The Weather Safety And Wellness Kit or a Cold & Flu Deluxe Safety and Wellness Kit. Each option allows you the opportunity to brand the bag with your company logo or slogan.

Final Thoughts

When putting together a care package for your employees we understand how important it is to include relevant gifts. This assortment of sanitizing products to encourage healthy habits is a fantastic start to ensuring the health of your team.

Lazer Designs is here to help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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