Do promotional items really work for marketing? Here is the answer (with proof) and how they can help your business

At Lazer Designs, we use promotional items, giveaways and awards that are laser engraved to help grow our business and motivate our team. A unique and useful promotional item is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

This is the start of a series of blog posts where we’ll look at viability of promotional items, and then get into how to choose a winner, effectively use them to grow our businesses and motivate our teams.

Promotional products continue to work. Why? Take a look around you, how many promotional items are near you right now? On my desk (granted I may have more than some people), I count 4, in my bag are 2, at my house are countless…. many of them are promotional pens.

Summary of facts:

• People want them! Useful, colorful items will always be “in”!
• People receiving a promotional item remember the name of the company imprinted on it
• It is more likely that people eventually shop at the company that gave away the promo item
• Consider these stats and then plan your next promo item giveaway!

Want proof? Here are the stats!

promo1According to a 2005 study conducted by Georgia Southern University, recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive opinion of a business through: more positive overall image, more positive perception of the business, higher likelihood of recommending the business as well as a higher likelihood of patronizing the business.

Cost-per-impression is VERY low, depending on the item and can be MUCH cheaper than traditional advertising when you take into account that the promotional item will be around for potentially YEARS getting repeat impressions from the recipients circle of influence.

Check out this study, with key parts in bold:

promo3A study of business travelers at DFW Airport revealed that 71 percent of business people reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months. Of that group, 33.7 percent had the item on their person and 76.1 percent could recall the advertiser’s name! 52 percent of that group did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product and 52.1 percent reported their impression of the advertiser was more favorable after receiving the item.

Need help determining what is the perfect giveaway or incentive for your company? Call us, we’d love to help come up with a plan!

Next up, things to consider when choosing a promotional item to market your business. Also see 3 Tips to Choosing the Right Promotional Item For Your Brand

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