DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s about that time again, the day of love that has often been referred to as a Hallmark holiday. What many don’t stop to consider, is that Valentine’s day has a lot more to it than credit is given.

The day of love is one that can be celebrated between everyone, not just couples. Friends and family alike can celebrate this day by showing each other how much they care, and how grateful they are to be in each other’s lives. And what better way to show your love, than with a DIY Valentine’s day gift!

  • A Jar Or Mug Of Love
  • An Adventure Journal Of Your Relationship
  • Baked With Love
  • A Personalized Photo Frame
  • Give Her A Love Potion
  • The Gift Of The Perfect Selfie

Looking Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men?

Valentine’s day is special not just for women but men as well! Husbands and boyfriends alike enjoy getting gifts from their partners in this unique holiday experience. When doing a DIY personalized Valentine’s day gift for him, consider these awesome options!

A Jar Or Mug Of Love

Some things are more often than not left unsaid, and this is especially true for the reasons you love your man! So for our top personalized Valentine’s day gift for him, is a jar or mug filled with handwritten notes of why you love him!

While jars can be purchased at your local craft store with twine, consider ordering him his favorite personalized drinkware featuring your choice of laser engraved text or design for a genuinely thoughtful gift.

Personalized Glass Beer Mug

What I love about this DIY idea is that you can decorate the mug however you want! Include his favorite candies at the bottom of the mug with your notes on top or around it. Wrap the handle with ribbon and top it off with a bow for an extra special touch.

We love the idea of using a mug for this particular project, as it not only holds your love notes but can be used as a daily reminder of how much you care even after Valentine’s day is over. A personalized glass, tumbler, or coffee mug are all great options for this DIY Valentine’s day gift for him!

An Adventure Journal Of Your Relationship

Documenting all of your favorite memories together is perhaps one of the most fun ways to bond with your partner and what better way to do that than with his own personalized laser engraved notebook!

Custom Notebook

Whether you’re just starting out or have been together for years, a personalized notebook is something you can decorate yourself or make it a project for you two to work on together as you document all of your adventures as a couple! Fill the pages with photos, notes, concert or movie tickets and more!

Baked With Love

Who doesn’t enjoy a special treat on a special day? If you love to bake then consider giving him some heart-shaped delicacies served on his very own brand new custom cutting board! Decorate his gift with your own specially designed treats, giving him something to discover!

Not only will he find a lovely selection of sweet treats that you have poured your heart into (pun intended), but he’ll soon discover that he has a brand new cutting board to add to his kitchen! No kitchen is complete without a utility board, and when you personalize this cutting board, it will only serve as a reminder of your love for him every time he uses it!

Personalized Laser Engraved Utility Board

How About Some Valentine Day Gifts For Women?

For your lady, this Valentine’s day step beyond the usual chocolates and flowers and go bold with some fantastic DIY Valentine’s day gift ideas for her! By taking that extra step you will show her that not only are you thoughtful enough to get her a Valentine’s gift, but you took the time to give her something extra special!

A Personalized Photo Frame

It may seem a bit clique, but giving her a personalized Valentine’s photo frame that features a favorite photo of you two together is one of the top ways to show her how much you care. Not only does a unique photo frame give her something special, but it shows that you took the time to give her something truly thoughtful.

Better Together Love Birds Custom Photo Frame

What I love about this gift idea is that you don’t have to include just a photo! This beautiful laser engraved frame is perfect for adding in a face shot of the two of you, with the surrounding space inside the frame featuring hand-written song lyrics, a favorite poem, or even just a special hand-written message that she will cherish for years to come.

Don’t just stop at the photo frame! You can add your own personal decorations and give her a package deal. Nestle this frame among a Valentine’s Day basket including her favorite flowers, sweets and even some mini decorations like paper hearts and colorful string!

Give Her A Love Potion

Ok, so there isn’t really a love potion, but what better way to bring humor and laughter to your day together than with a love potion set? What we love about this idea, is there is no right or wrong, it’s all a matter of your creativity and how you present it to her.

The first steps are to get your supplies together, including personalized glassware, her favorite beverage, perhaps some candy or fruits, and of course your own handwritten note along with any other decorations you can craft or find!

Custom Champagne Flutes

I love the idea of using fancy personalized champagne flutes for this Valentine’s day surprise for her, as they can easily sit above smaller gifts and decorations such as candy and flower petals. They can additionally be decorated with ribbons and bows to really impress her.

Give her a romantic Valentine’s day with your special love potion blend to delight her!

The Gift Of The Perfect Selfie

If she is all about social media and grabbing that perfect photo every time, then consider Valentine’s Day filled with soaring love. Decorate a room with balloons tied to your favorite selfies featuring not just her but notes of love as well for a romantic reminder of how much you love her.

What I love about this idea is that it not only provides the opportunity to feature your favorite photos of her, but it can be used for so much more! Lining a hallway and leading a path for her to follow to your gift is one of the most creative ways to implement this idea!

When decorating the home with selfies, why not let the surprise for her be something selfie-related?

Customizable Portable Selfie Drone

A selfie drone is just one big idea for this year’s surprise Valentine’s day gift for her! Personalize this little drone with your design or text to really make it special for her. Document your adventures together with this little drone and take awesome photos that will be sent directly to her smartphone! Customized electronics make fantastic Valentine’s day gifts!

Ready To Set Up The Perfect Valentines Day Surprise?

We have only just scratched the surface of DIY Valentines Day gift ideas for him and for her! I hope we were able to inspire you for this year and more with some of our unique ideas! Here I’ve compiled a list of unique laser engraved gift ideas that are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day surprise!

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