Different Types of Spyderco Edge Grinds Explained – with Photos

A Spyderco knife is as long lasting as it is legendary, as durable as they are versatile.

On many Spyderco knife models you have a choice of one of the below edge grinds.

spyderedgecombo edge
Plain Edge – a sharpened edge with no serrations or teeth, sometimes referred to as a “smooth” edge.SpyderEdge – An edge featuring Spyderco’s two-step serration pattern consisting of one large and two small serrations. This pattern increases the cutting edge’s surface area by up to 24%Combination Edge – A blade with an edge that is partially Plain Edge and partially SpyderEdge (The preferred Edge Style of this author)

Which edge do you prefer, and why? Let us know in the Comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Different Types of Spyderco Edge Grinds Explained – with Photos”

  1. I strongly prefer a plain edge. I find that most combo edges don’t provide enough of either to be effective and I find serrated edges to be a pain unless cutting something fibrous like rope. Plain edge all the way.

  2. Serrated blades have their place no doubt, but as the above poster said, a plain edge is more economical for everyday use. For one they are way easier to sharpen, and provide a greater cutting edge.

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