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Traditionally, once you become engaged the wheels in your brain will start turning with ideas for your wedding.  One of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your big day is who will be in your wedding party.

Along with choosing which loved ones are going to stand with you on your special day, you’ll also need to think of a creative gift you can give to your wedding party.

wedding party

After all, those in your wedding party are going to be putting in a lot of time and effort to make sure your day is perfect. So why not do something that makes them feel appreciated? Believe it or not, a popular wedding party gift is hip flasks. So here in this article, we will talk about just that. Wedding party flask gifts.

Here is a short list of what we will be covering today!

Flasks For The Best Man And Groomsmen

If you want a gift that will allow you to bond with your groomsmen while getting ready for the big day, a personalized flask should be at the top of your list!  Flasks may be a common gift you’ve heard of before, but being able to make it your own and personalize it for your wedding party makes it original. 

best man

For your best man, get him a customized best man flask featuring his title, the date of your wedding, and of course his name. Don’t worry – you have options for design.  Not only do we have some stylish and fun options, but his personalized flask will also let everyone know that this is the man you chose to stand right beside you on your special day.  

Best Man Flask Design
Tuxedo best man flask design

For the rest of the groomsmen, go with a custom groomsman flask that is personalized, yet matches the rest of the group. You can have them engraved with “groomsman”, but be sure to add each person’s name or initials to add some individuality to the gift.

Bowtie groomsman flask design
Shield groomsman flask design

While a standard flask may be a little large to keep in their pants pocket throughout the day, go for a convenient personalized keychain flask! With plenty of room for personalization, these tiny flasks hold just enough liquid to take the edge off, should you or the guys start feeling your nerves on the big day. All while being small enough to conceal right in the pocket of their pants.

keychain flask

What to engrave on my wedding party flasks?

  • Name or initials
  • Title (role in wedding)
  • Wedding date
  • Groom & Bride name (sometimes)
  • Slogan or tagline for your wedding (if you have one)
  • Pick one of our flask engraving designs to make it easy

Flasks For The Maid Of Honor And Bridesmaids

When you’re deciding what gift to give your bridal party, first put yourself in their shoes. Imagine your best friend is getting married and asks to come over to chat. 

When they get there they have a cute basket with candy and trinkets, but the main piece in that basket is a little bottle of wine with the words “be my bridesmaid” written on it. 

You’re so excited and love the little bottle.  You vow you’re never going to drink that little bottle because it is a memory of the day you were chosen to stand beside your best friend on their special day.  That little bottle is going to be proudly displayed on your shelf to collect dust or stowed away for safekeeping.

While those types of gifts are always cute, how great would it be to receive a gift that makes you feel special and can be used without the fear of ruining it? 

While you may believe flasks to be gifts more commonly associated with the groomsmen, bridesmaids can enjoy them too!  How exciting would it be to receive a baby bottle of liquor accompanied by a custom bridesmaid flask featuring your name engraved on the front?

maid of honor flask design
bridesmaid design flask

If you want to step it up even more, go for a personalized flask gift set!  Your bridal party will love having an engraved leather box they can use to store their custom flask for safekeeping, along with two shot glasses so they can share anywhere!

wedding party flask in a gift set, ready to give to best man or groomsman

Choosing The Best Wedding Party Flask

Part of the fun of giving a flask as a gift is the ability to personalize it for each member of your wedding party. With laser engraving, you can have each individual’s name featured on their respective flask, choose one of our pre-design options as you saw above, or just go with their initials in an attractive monogram style flask.

monogrammed flask

The best part about designing the perfect wedding party gift flask, is that you’re not just limited by what you can have engraved. Here at Lazer Designs, we have an assortment of custom engraved flasks available for you to choose from.

Having a rustic wedding?  Why not go for a leather-wrapped flask in a rustic color that matches that theme? Is the Maid of Honor’s favorite color pink?  Go for a personalized flask wrapped in a pretty pink leather. The options are endless!

powder coated engraved flasks

Pick your favorite colors, designs, and materials for the perfect flask that will delight your wedding party. Don’t forget the parents! Grab them a “Father of the Bride” and “Mother of the Groom” flask to give them something to remember your wedding by.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a flask is a great choice for a gift to your wedding party.  They’re versatile enough to fit the personality of each person. Even if a member of your wedding party doesn’t drink liquor, flasks can be filled with any type of liquid to match the pallet of each person. A flask is functional, fun, and is sure to be a gift everyone will cherish forever!

Ready to personalize some great flasks? Here are a few links to get you started, along with some other articles about Flasks!

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