Cool Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend can be an exciting task! With tons of options on the market today you are sure to find something that really suits him and his interests, but instead of going with a generic gift that hundreds of other men have, why not consider something personalized and unique to him?

Here we will cover some great personalized gift ideas for your boyfriend that he will simply adore. In this article we will be reviewing some key gift categories including:

  • Tech Gifts – Selfie Drone, Digital Frames, Bluetooth gifts for him
  • Outdoor Themed Gifts – Knives, Multitools, Outdoor Journals
  • BBQ & Kitchen Gifts – Grilling tools, tactical apron, custom cutting boards and more!
  • Drinkware for every beverage!

Personalize A Cool Gift For Boyfriend Now!

Does Your Boyfriend Love Electronics, Gadgets And Anything Tech Related?

For the self-proclaimed geeks and nerds, we have some cool gifts for him that will put a smile on his face. First up we have a selfie drone. This is a great gift for men who enjoy flying drones (I mean who doesn’t?) but also for men who enjoy a bit of photography as well.

Hovington Portable Selfie Drone

One of the favorites among our customized electronics, a selfie drone is a fantastic gift idea for those who love to take photos on the fly with images being sent directly to his smart phone.

Of course with all of those photos being taken he’ll want someplace to put them aside from social media.

Personalized Digital Photo Frame

What better way to view his favorite photos of the two of you together than with his own personalized digital photo frame! With motion detectors he can keep this frame in the office or at home where he can enjoy the scrolling digital photos.

Then of course if he is at the office or working from home, he will need a handy tool to work with!

From our selection of custom LED Light Up Pens he can have a 3-in-1 pen, stylus, and flashlight. Of course if this is a bit too fancy for him you can always check out the rest of our personalized pens & pencils.

For some more cool gifts for your boyfriend, consider a bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone. A good personalized bluetooth speaker like this one is perfect for conference calls and for men who are just too buy to sit still while on the phone.

Roxbox Newport Bluetooth Speaker

The final item in our tech and gadgets list is a personalized set of headphones. Whether he has conference calls and needs a bluetooth headset, or is a fan of music or gaming a good set of headphones will go a long way in allowing him to ‘get in the zone.’

Is He An Outdoors Man?

Whether he enjoys hiking, camping, hunting or fishing every man (and woman!) needs the right tools for the job. When shopping for cool gifts for your boyfriend who loves the outdoors you want to focus on the types of activities he enjoys most.

First up we’ll cover some awesome custom laser engraved knives that are great for working outdoors.

Our selection of engraved Wood Handled Knives are perfect for the hunters and anglers who need a solid knife by their side. Add in your own custom engraved text and design to remind him of you every time he reaches for this tool.

Looking at the survival side of things you can’t go wrong with a personalized Gerber knife.

Our Gerber collection features some fantastic pocket knife and gift set options along with a few select multi-tools giving you options for some pretty cool gifts for your boyfriend.

With the mention of personalized gift sets, we just gotta show you this zippo and Buck Nobleman gift set. This is just one option we have available and is great for a man who both enjoys a good knife and a good lighter.

Zippo & Bucke Nobleman Gift Set

Now that we have covered some cool knives, lets switch gears and look more at some examples from our selection of personalized multi-tools for him. Where we have put together our top picks for men.

Leatherman Skeletool

Our custom engraved multi-tools vary not just from the set of tools and style, but from brands as well. We carry top branded multi-tools like Leatherman and Gerber. Any man who knows his multi-tools will know these two brands.

Above we have the “traditional” multi-tool consisting of a variety of tools that have proven helpful in situations pertaining to both outdoor and indoor needs. Alongside these styles, we additionally have unique multi-tools like the below examples.

CRKT Iota Keychain Tool
Personalized Leatherman Raptor Shears

For both front line workers like Nurses & EMT’s in the medical field and the hikers/campers who need a handy spork/can-opener/bottle-opener all in one – the two above multi-tool opens are going to be perfect for them.

Moving away from the tools next up we have a lovely journal featuring laser engraved text and design depicting his love for the great outdoors, now this is a cool gift for your boyfriend.

From our selection of personalized laser engraved notebooks you will find a variety of designs and options that can be customized to fit his exact interests!

How About Some Cool BBQ And Kitchen Gifts

If your boyfriend really enjoys spending time in the kitchen or at the grill, then you have got to check out our selection of Personalized Gifts For Grillers such as the following BBQ grill tools gift set!

Bamboo 5 pc Personalized BBQ Set

Don’t forget the personalized apron! Our custom tactical grilling apron is perfect for the hard-core grillers who like keeping their tools and sauces close at hand. Customize this cool gift for your boyfriend with laser engraved text – You can include his name or go with a traditional “Kiss The Cook.”

Tactical Apron with Personalized Patch

Alongside all of our grilling goods, we also have a fantastic selection of personalized kitchen gifts for your boyfriend that will become his new favorites. Like this custom engraved ice cream scoop!

Premium Custom Ice Cream Scoop

Let’s not forget one of the most important tools of the home chef’s arsenal, and that is the cutting board. Choose from a variety of custom cutting boards like the ones from our Totally Bamboo category, or Slate cutting boards.

Don’t Forget The Drinkware

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the BBQ and kitchen gadgets it’s time to move on to the drinkware! Does he love coffee, wine, beer, protein shakes, or perhaps he loves to sip his favorite high-quality whiskey? We have something for everyone!

Starting from the top – Our coffee lovers will thoroughly enjoy keeping their beverages warm all day with our custom vacuum insulated drinkware options. This includes Tumblers, Travel Mugs, Thermos and more!

30oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug
Stanley 1.5Qt Classic Legendary Vacuum Bottle

Next up we have the wine lovers! For those men who enjoy a sweet red or a dry white we have a variety of personalized glassware that will absolutely delight him. From stemless glasses to champagne flutes, you will find a lovely assortment of custom wine glasses that fit his love of wine perfectly.

Engraved 17oz Stemless Wine Glass

For those who enjoy a different type of alcohol, we have custom engraved shot glasses with leatherette, stainless steel, and glass options. Pick your favorite or grab one of each for him to enjoy!

What I really love about these shot-glasses is the option for a fully personalized gift. Not only can you choose the material but the design and color as well!

Monogram Leatherette Shot Glasses

Engraved beer steins and pilsners are also great options for the beer lovers. Just like the above shot glasses, you have options! From the traditional glass pilsners and beersteins, to insulated beer pints and barrel mugs you’ll be able to find a unique gift for your boyfriend.

16oz Stainless Steel Personalized Beer Stein
Stanley Classic Stay Chill Insulated Beer Pint

Next we have some fantastic custom bottle openers from credit card bottle openrs to speed openrs. We have a ton of designs that he will really enjoy. Pair your bottle opener with one of our lovely personalized flasks to really amp up your cool gift for your boyfriend!

Better yet, try your hand at building a mix and match personalized flask gift set just for him!

Mix & Match Personalized Flask, Bottle Opener, Shot Glass Gift Set

The final cool drinkware gift for your boyfriend is for those men who love to work out and hit the gyms! With the COVID crisis of 2020 finally coming to an end with gyms re-opening, be sure to get him something to motivate his return with a custom blender bottle.

Keep Going Blender Bottle
It Never Gets Easier Blender Bottle

The above are just two examples of our custom protein mixer shaker bottles. Choose a bottle that matches his favorite workout or grab multiple so he always has his shaker bottle on hand for every visit to the gym!

Ready To Dive In And Find Some Cool Gifts For Your Boyfriend?

We’ve covered a lot of cool gifts for your boyfriend. Whether this gift is for an anniversary, father’s day, birthday or simply just because, now is the time to go through your options and find the perfect gift(s) to really impress him!

He’ll love a personalized gift just for him, and as his partner in crime, it’ll show him just how much you care. Here are some links to our most popular categories so you can find him the perfect gift.

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