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Birthdays, Christmas, graduation, housewarming, and weddings. There are so many holidays and occasions where you can celebrate with your family and exchange heartfelt gifts. Grabbing some cool gifts for your sister in the process is sure to not only impress her but show her you’re not that bad of a sibling after all. So here today we have some great gift ideas for your sister!

How About Gifting Your Sister Something Sentimental?

A sentimental gift doesn’t necessarily need to be an item of the past. It can easily feature a favorite memory of you two together as kids! Take this 5″x7″ pallet photo frame featuring the quote “A sister is a friend forever.”

Gifting your sister a favorite photo memory within a custom laser engraved frame is one of the top ways to show how much she means to you. This frame is a great gift idea for her birthday, at Christmas, and as a just because gift. Of course, this isn’t the only personalized photo frame we have! Be sure to look through our selection of personalized picture frames for the best gift for your sister.

Does Your Sister Love The Environment?

If you’ve ever heard her speak about the environment — from saving animals to waste reduction — then consider getting your sister some eco-friendly gifts. While Here at Lazer Designs we have several personalized options available for our top eco-friendly gift — and that is none other than a reusable straw set!

I know what you’re thinking, will she actually use it? What if she’s out at a restaurant? Are these things easy to clean?

You’d be surprised by just how useful these engraved reusable straws really are. With a gift set coming not only with multiple straws but a carrying pouch as well, she’ll have no issues at all carrying around her favorite straws in her purse.

Sets additionally come with their own cleaning brush, so don’t worry too much about the cleaning part; and when it comes to heading out to a restaurant, she’ll definitely think twice about accepting a one-and-done plastic straw when she has her personalized reusable straw on hand.

My favorite thing about reusable straws are the options! Did you know we have both stainless steel and natural bamboo straws? There are numerous opportunities to get an awesome, eco-friendly gift for your sister. Best of all, our reusable straws can be laser engraved with your choice of text to create the most unique gift you’ve gotten for your sister yet.

Following through with the eco-friendly theme, my next suggested gift is one that pairs perfectly with the reusable straws: An engraved tumbler from our personalized drinkware gifts!

The clear lid of this tumbler easily fits a reusable straw while the double vacuum insulation will keep your sister’s favorite beverages either hot or cold for hours on end. Not only does this tumbler come in a variety of color options, but you can laser engrave your own custom text, design, or logo.

Looking For More Mug Options?

Is she a caffeine fiend? Perhaps she skips the coffee and goes straight for the shakes, or the evening glass of wine. Regardless of her tastes, we have an assortment of personalized drinkware gift available just for her. A personalized mug makes for a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for your sister, not to mention it’s a quick and easy go-to idea for those last-minute Christmas gifts.

While it may seem like a lazy idea to give your sister a mug or glass, in reality, you’re giving her a thoughtful gift that will be used for years to come. What I love about the selection of customizable drinkware gifts we have here at Lazer Designs is the fact that each mug or glass gift can be fully personalized to suit your sister.

What better way to say “I love you” than a thoughtful gift for her that she’ll use every day? That’s what makes drinkware so special, with so many gift options available it’s up to you to find the gift that fits her best. Then when you add in your own personalized text, design or her favorite logo, she’ll know for a fact that you took the time to think about her.

If your sister works out, does yoga, or even jogs, take a look at our selection of blender bottles. Our blender bottles are the perfect gift for fitness lovers!

If she’s a coffee or tea drinker and really loves that morning brew to get her up and moving for the day, then our selection of personalized mugs may be the way to go instead.

Then, of course, we can’t forget about the wine glasses! If your sister is a wine lover then you definitely need to take a closer look at this selection of personalized drinkware, along with what we have coming up next!

Does Your Sister Enjoy Liquor At Home?

So going off the end of the last section, IS your sister a wine drinker? Perhaps she likes a variety of adult beverages? If so, then check out these gifts for wine lovers! This eco-friendly bamboo wine toolset is a great gift for those individuals who already have all the wine glasses they need. So if she doesn’t need yet another glass to add to her overflowing cabinet, consider this unique wine gift for her.

This modest toolset is featured in a beautiful eco-friendly bamboo case that includes all the tools needed to run a successful in-house open bar. The top of the circle bamboo box can be fully personalized with your choice of text or design, allowing you full freedom to really make this a special gift for your sister. This Bamboo Wine Tool Set is a great standalone gift, or perfect to include in a wine and cheese gift basket!

The tools inside this bamboo case gift set include:

  • Corkscrew
  • Stopper
  • Decanting Pourer
  • Drip Collar
  • Eco-friendly bamboo case

While the above is one idea, we definitely have additional custom wine opening gifts for your sister to choose from. Take for example giving your sister the gift of a personalized electric corkscrew wine opener. This will take the work out of fighting with the cork and let her enjoy her favorite wine!

This wine gift set features push-button action with a rechargeable battery that can go through opening an impressive 40 bottle before needing to be recharged. With this set, your sister will really enjoy the inclusion of a stand and foil cutter.

Does Your Sister Enjoy Pampering Herself?

Going to the salon for hair and nails can be one of the most enjoyable times for women who thoroughly enjoy a bit of pampering. However, with such busy schedules these days your sister may find her availability to head to the salon non-existent. Leaving her to tend to her own pampering needs at home. For the best at-home and on the go manicure, she’ll need the best manicure tools.

This manicure gift set has everything your sister needs for tending to her nails. All you need to worry about is choosing the case color and personalized laser engraved design or text for the perfect gift for your sister.

Does She Love To Cook?

If your sister enjoys making delicious home-cooked meals, then she simply must have a reliable cutting board to finish off her arsenal of tools. Even if she already has one, you know she’ll adore the gift of her very own laser engraved custom cutting board from her favorite sibling! There’s hardly a piece of kitchen equipment that foodies will get more out of than their best cutting board.

When it comes to cutting boards, we have a variety that will allow you to get her a genuinely unique gift. From top brands like Totally Bamboo we offer a selection of solid cutting boards that are gentle on knives and will last her family for years. Your personalized text or design will delight her as she will be reminded with every use that her sibling got her a beautiful and practical personalized gift.

If you’re looking for unique cutting boards, I recommend checking out our selection of engraved destination and state boards, where you can choose your sister’s favorite location marked with memorable landmarks as a special keepsake.

Does Your Sister Have A Sweet Tooth?

When it comes to sweet treats there are a number of options available. Of the top go-to treats, I’d safely bet that ice cream is in the top 10 most likely right alongside chocolate and caramel. So if your sister has a sweet tooth for ice cream, consider getting her a personalized ice cream scoop from our selection of engraved kitchen utensils.

Custom Engraved Midnight Ice Cream Scoop

This durable ice cream scoop not only features your chosen laser engraved text, but it is also built to last. Crafted from solid stainless steel material, this dishwasher safe scoop won’t bend or break with even the coldest ice cream. Which means, your sister can satisfy her sweet tooth without worry.

Need More Gift Ideas For Your Sister?

Not to worry at all! While we do our best to put together a variety of gift ideas, we know that everyone is different and you want to grab a unique gift for your sister! Remember, all of our gift ideas for sisters come with free laser engraving to fully personalize and customize your cool gift.

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