Carabiner Style and Sizes Review and Comparison (video)

Carabiners come in all shapes and sizes! They make great giveaways at trade shows, and have so many uses it is hard to count them all (oh, here’s some more).
Here we compare and review our various sizes in the standard D shaped style for you so you can get a good feel for which one is perfect for your promotion, gift, giveaway or trade show based on your engraving. We have other shapes and styles so if you need something unique, check those out here.

Items reviewed:

Personalized larger carabiner clip
3″ Carabiner

We’ve been personalizing carabiners since 2001 and have a great variety of colors and sizes!
Most popular is the 3″ carabiner, popular with colleges, universities and outdoor companies. It comes in a round edge and flat edge option.
Our second most popular size is our 2.25″ carabiner, popular for corporate handouts, tradeshow giveaways, and with auto mechanics. The slightly smaller size fits well in pockets.
If you need something slightly smaller, the 2″ carabiner and Micro D size might fit the bill.

custom carabiner keychains
2.25″ Carabiner

These ultra light-weight carabiners are popular with light-weight backpackers and for manufacturers who attach them to other products.
The Micro D is also great because it has a stronger wire gate with extra tension holding it closed.
Other options are the Utility Carabiner which has a rate rating for a static load and is made of higher quality aluminum, and also has a slightly higher quality gate. The load limit is 1200lbs.
You can also order a nylon web strap on the 2.25″, 2.75″, Utility and 3″ size.
As for the imprint area, the obvious thing is the larger the carabiner, the larger the imprint

Micro D Carabiner

area.  We can fit about the same number of characters on the 2.25″, 2.75″ and 3″ carabiner, when we go down in size we resize the imprint to fit.
So the larger the carabiner, and the smaller the imprint, the larger the engraving area is going to be.
On the 2″ and Micro D carabiner, the imprint area is very small, but our laser is very precise, and we can fit 18 to 22 characters to easily be readable, we recommend 12 to 14 characters for maximum readability.
For recommended characters and to personalize your carabiners today, click here to view the Carabiner Category.

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