Best Local Advertising To Promote Your Small Business During The Holiday


For many businesses, the holiday season is one of the key times of the year where strategic marketing is a must. If you’re on the hunt for the next big marketing strategy for your business then continue reading!

Here we will discuss some fantastic ideas to boost brand awareness of your small business, along with providing you with an assortment of customized laser engraved promotional gift ideas to wow your customers and give your business a holiday boost! Here are a few quick starter ideas:

  • Local Listing Services – Help Your Customers Find You!
  • Take Advantage Of Social Media – Get Noticed With Giveaways And Sales!
  • Start A Youtube Channel For Promotional Videos
  • Advertise Holiday Sales Online And Off – Grab Their Attention!
  • Host Or Join A Charity Event – Give Back To Your Local Community
  • Update Your Business Website With Relevant Holiday Related SEO
  • Start A Blog – Connect With Your Customers And Share News!

What Are The Best Holiday Local Advertising Platforms For Small Businesses?

When it comes to getting your brand noticed during the holidays, you may be looking for a new and exciting strategy that not only easy to carry out but unique and exciting to your customers.

The goal of strategic holiday marketing is to grab the attention of potential customers through local advertising and convert them into sales and revenue for an extra boost around the holiday season. So the big question is: Which holiday strategies will work best for you and your business?

There are many opportunities out there that give local businesses a big boost it’s just a matter of finding the right mix for your business!

Merry Christmas Sign

Don’t underestimate the potential offered by both social media and local traffic.

From regulars to visiting tourists, your brick and mortar storefront gives you the chance for advertisements including signs, lights, and eye-catching decor. While you can additionally have a charity Santa standing out front, an employee holding a sign or an employee ready and available to speak with passersby’s about the great deals you have for them, drawing in organic traffic should always be considered as part of your holiday marketing strategy!

Alongside storefront marketing, local businesses should step outside of the physical and get into the holiday spirit with some digital marketing as well. The top local advertising strategies include well-known social media platforms including twitter, facebook, and Instagram.

There are thousands of potential customers from all over the country just waiting to see what you have to offer in your area. Tourists and individuals visiting friends and family will especially be on the lookout for some fun holiday deals. Check out some of the top digital holiday marketing strategies.

Looking For Holiday Promotional Strategies To Get Your Business Noticed?

Business promotion is key to not only getting noticed but making sales, and the holiday season is just the right time to impress your customers with your creativity. Some great promotional strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • 12 Days Of Christmas Sale
  • Social Media Give Aways
  • Donation Raffles
  • Secret Santa Sale
  • Social Media Contests
  • Surprise Gift With Purchase

You may be reviewing this list and are already formulating opinions and plans on which one(s) you will include in your local advertising plan, and that’s great! In the meantime, lets break down these options and expand a bit more on each one.

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

This particular Christmas promotional strategy is just as it sounds. For 12 days your small business can hold a sale of either products that you have in stock, or promotional items featuring your company’s brand, logo, or slogan. Depending on the nature of your business, you can choose to order something functional, such as a laser engraved bottle opener or even a set of useful laser-etched carabiners and keychains.

Social Media Give-Aways And Contests

Having an established social media presence is almost a requirement these days for local advertising. One of the best ways to not only gain more followers but convert more sales is to hold special events via social media.

From give-aways of branded promotional products to fun contests that get the community involved, you have tons of available options to attract customers to your door. A give-away can be set up as simple as having potential customers like your page for a randomly drawn winner. A great giveaway product could be something as simple as a custom laser engraved wine opener.

As stated above, prizes can be branded promotional products that are useful to your customers and boost brand awareness as word-of-mouth gets around that they won this product from your store.

Knowing what the giveaway gift happens to be, is part of the fun! For those who enjoy a glass of wine during the holidays, your customers may become excited about the opportunity to win such a fancy gift. Best of all, nobody said it has to be just a one winner give-away!

Surprise Gift With Purchase

It’s safe to say that this strategy is more often than not, a big win for local advertising. As an added enticement for customers to shop at your store, offering a free gift with every purchase will get them excited and make them feel like they’ve won something simply for doing some holiday shopping.

The free gift can either be kept as a surprise or made known so your customers know exactly what they are picking. A great option is these laser engraved Vienna Pens featuring bright eye-catching modern colors.

Branded with your store logo, customers will enjoy receiving a functional and colorful pen or pencil that can easily slip into their pocket as they continue their holiday festivities. The different color options mean your customers can choose their favorite.

Donation Raffel

The holiday season is the time for giving and thinking of others. Show your community your holiday spirit by holding a donation raffle in honor of your favorite charity. The best part of this holiday event is that it can be held both online and off. Consider raffling off an item that everybody will love, such as an assortment of personalized laser engraved drinkware.

Ceramic Mugs are something that everyone can use all year long, donating to a good cause alone will boost the holiday spirit of your community. Adding the opportunity to win something will only encourage individuals to purchase tickets.

For your more sophisticated customers, consider including some drinkware that will catch their eye, such as laser engraved flasks. Our selection of custom engraved flasks includes stainless steel flasks, leatherette flasks, powder-coated flasks, and even hip flasks and personalized drinkware from Stanley.

Secret Santa Sale

The final local advertising strategy we have for you today is the Secret Santa Sale. The idea of secret Santa has been around for ages and is often a holiday tradition for businesses, family gatherings, and groups of friends. Secret Santa gifts don’t always need to be personal, but putting in some thought certainly doesn’t hurt!

This strategy can go a number of different ways. You can hold a sale of all products in your inventory that would be great as secret Santa gifts, you can order promotional products specifically for this sale and draw in customers with your sale-specific gift ideas, you can even have secret Santa gifts wrapped up in your store for customers to buy and open for a surprise!

For your Secret Santa Christmas promotion sale, here are some more gift ideas!

Shot glasses aren’t just for alcohol! For events and parties, they are often used for desserts, fruity drinks, and even coffee and espressos. Consider including some custom shot glasses in your secret Santa sale this year and include a value-added note discussing creative uses for shot glasses.

Here at Lazer Designs, we offer a great selection of custom engraved shot glasses, including glass, stainless steel with leatherette, and even stainless steel shot glass and flask gift sets!

Our final Christmas promotional gift idea for you today is our custom laser engraved pocket knives. Not only are pocket knives useful, but we can customize them with laser engraved text, designs, and your business logo or slogan.

Choose a theme for engraving, and include these high-quality pocket knives in your holiday sale. We have top brands including Buck, Gerber, and Leatherman. Customers familiar with these brands will appreciate the opportunity to purchase a custom option from your location!

Ready To Find The Best Products To Include In Your Local Advertising Holiday Strategy?

We’ve thrown a lot your way in both ideas and custom engraved promotional items. So to help smooth things along in your quest for the best local advertising this holiday season, I’ve put together a list of useful links for your review!

Have fun this holiday season! Get creative with your local advertising and really wow your customers this year!

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