How To Choose The Best Fathers Day Gift For Dad

There is no one quite like Dad! Dad’s are always there when you need a practical solution to a problem, they are often under appreciated, working hard for the family and always ready to help out his kids and protect his family.

Make sure you show your Dad just how much you appreciate him by getting him the best father’s day gift for dad you can! 

It isn’t always an easy task to choose the perfect gift but our handy guide is here to help you choose the best possible personalized father’s day gift that will show him how loved and appreciated he is. 

What Are His Interests And Hobbies?

Step one is to take a moment and consider what it is your Dad likes to do! Everyone appreciates a gift that is connected to one of their favorite hobbies and Dad is no different.

Here are just a few things for you to consider when planning your Dad’s perfect Father’s Day present.

  • What are his hobbies and interests? 
  • Is he outgoing and always jetting about traveling here and there? 
  • Does he love sports and support a favorite team? 
  • How about hunting or spending time outdoors? 
  • Does he love practical gifts like custom tools?
  • Would he appreciate something that will make his daily commute easier like a personalized travel mug?
  • Does he love spending time with friends and family by having bbq’s and visitors?

Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Dads Who Love The Outdoors

For Dads who love spending time outdoors you could choose a practical gift that will make his life a little easier as he spends his downtime hunting, hiking, fishing or just relaxing in nature. Here are some awesome personalized gift ideas for Dad’s who love the great outdoors.

Hunting Knives and Pocket Knives

A custom hunting knife or a personalized pocket knife are great options for Dads who love to hunt or spend time working outdoors. Here at Lazer designs, we have some great options in lots of different styles and colors.

You are sure to find an awesome custom hunting knife for your Dad and best of all, you can personalize this father’s day gift with laser engraved text or design that he will cherish for years to come. 


Everyone needs a good custom flashlight so why not get your Dad one that he can have handy at all times? Each of our flashlights are great quality and come in a range of types, sizes and colors and on top of that they can be customized with a personal engraving making your Dads flashlight a little extra special.

Gifts For Anglers

 Fishing is a great hobby and the perfect time for your Dad to kick back and relax so why not get your fishing fan Dad a customized fishing gift this father’s day? Something that is perfect to help him with his angling hobby! Some personalized vacuum insulated drinkware is sure to keep his favorite beverage warm during those early morning fishing expeditions.

What about a personalized flask? Just a little something for him to enjoy while he relaxes by the waters edge or on his favorite boat or dock, and reels in the biggest catch of the day! He’ll thoroughly enjoy his very own custom laser engraved flask.

Fathers Day Gift For Sports Fans

For Dads who love sports, whether that’s playing them or watching them then a gift themed to their favorite sport or team is a perfect option.

The choices are endless! You can get Dad some engraved keychains, personalized beer mugs, custom travel mugs, personalized sports bottles, or laser engraved picture frames each personalized with his favorite team name and logo!

Consider something a little extra special this Father’s Day with a unique personalized baseball bat or an engraved ball. 

The Best Practical Gifts For Father’s Day

Most Dads love a practical gift and we have a great selection of personalized Father’s Day gifts that are thoughtful, practical and can be personalized with a custom engraving of your choosing. This is the perfect way to make your Father’s Day gift a little bit extra special. Take a look at these ideas for practical Fathers Day gifts.

Travel Mugs

A good quality custom travel mug is a great option for so many reasons. It can make days out and long journeys a little easier if you have your own mug on hand that will keep your choice of beverage hot or cold for hours.

For Dads who spend their days commuting, a personalized travel mug is a great choice so that they can have their morning coffee on the go.


A laser engraved multi-tool is a good choice for any practical Dad! Everyone needs one in their pocket to help them with those little jobs that occur in everyday life. Your dad is sure to appreciate a customized multi-tool with an engraving of your choice that makes it a truly personal and unique gift.


Custom Lighters are useful for many reasons and having one handy is a must for any practical dad! Our selection at Lazer Designs comes in many quality brands, styles, sizes, and colors. Choose the one that will delight your Dad!

Fathers Day Gifts For Gadget Men

For Dads that are a bit on the geeky side getting him a gadget that has been customized just for him is the perfect solution! Why not pick him something cool that fits into his geeky interests? There are so many awesome options to choose from! 

Electronic Gifts

For the gadget lovers among us an electronic Father’s day gift is a great idea and luckily there are some unique personalized tech gifts to choose from! Does he love photography? Or perhaps he fancies himself as a bit of a James Bond character with a variety of gadgets for every occasion? No need to worry we have some great electronic gadgets for your Dad! 

For a personal and thoughtful tech gift why not get him a customized digital picture frame? You can fill it with his favorite family photos with a unique laser engraving to make it extra special.

For Dads who love their music, we have a great range of high-quality personalized portable speakers and headphones that make the perfect gift for him to kick back and relax as he listens to his favorite music.

Every item in this selection can be customized with a laser engraving of your choice! Personalized, customized, and perfect! 

If you are still stuck then there is still so much more you can get! A personalized power bank will ensure all his devices are charged and ready to go at any time!

Some Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best Fathers Day Gift

Hopefully this handy list of Father’s Day Gift ideas has been helpful as you  choose the perfect customized Fathers Day this year.

It can be tricky choosing the perfect gift, especially if your Dad seems to already have everything but with our personalized options, you can make any gift something truly thoughtful and special that will delight your Dad this Father’s day.

Get your gift engraved with a name, date, a special occasion or think of something unique like a favorite memory or quote that sums up how you feel about your Dad.

If you are still stuck for inspiration take a look at our other articles and gift pages for more ideas!

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