Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo

Green is the new black … Sustainability … Going Green … What’s your carbon footprint … Environmentally Friendly … the list of “Green” catch phrases is endless. Everyone is talking about green living and caring for our earth. Those of us who are concerned with making a change soldier on in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi who said, “It’s not too late at all.  You just don’t yet know what you are capable of.” We all hope he is right!
With this goal in mind, we look to consume less, reuse items frequently, and recycle them after they are used to their fullest capacity. In addition, we are concerned with sustainable, eco-friendly products that do not deplete, damage, and destroy our planet. We think about the price our environment is forced to pay for our consumption. It is all overwhelming.
What if we take it one step at a time? No one person can save the planet. As each day passes, however, I have the ability to make little decisions to do my part. One of the things I can do is to choose bamboo.
Why choose bamboo? We all know that bamboo is known as “sustainable”, but what does that really mean? First, it is prolific. Bamboo can grow to maturity in just a few years.  It can be grown on almost every continent in the world (Antarctica excepted) in both temperate and tropical climates. With a little planning and effort, bamboo could be a local crop for a majority of the planet. Second, it is strong, durable, provides natural UV protection … you can burn it, eat it, wear it, and build your home with it. To find out more, see what the staff at the Worsley School in Canada have to say about it.
With that in mind, has developed an entire line of bamboo products. They are beautiful as well as being kind to our earth.
It is made from genuine, solid bamboo and is a part of our Bamboo Eco-Lifestyle product line.

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