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Companies and businesses are typically aware of the role promotional items play in marketing their products or services. Unfortunately, many businesses are often hesitant or unsure of whether to invest in custom promotional products. The core of this concern is often lack of finances or a preference for other types of investments over promotions.

Here we will be covering the following topics:

  • What are promotional products?
  • Where do I use promotional products?
  • Why you should include promotional items in your marketing campaign
  • Making an executive impression
  • Practical corporate gifts
  • Making an extended impact

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What Are Promotional Products?

A promotional product is best known as an item that has been branded with your business name, logo, slogan, or message with the intent to increase brand awareness.

Promotional products are a tangible option that literally puts your brand into the hands of your consumers. This subtly allows consumers to feel more connected to brands that have stimulated their senses- thus leaving a more memorable impression.

Promotional products are a powerful marketing tool that is often overlooked by many businesses but they can be a valuable addition to the sales cycle.

Also known as giveaways, swag, promo items, promotional merchandise.

Where Do I Use Promotional Products?

Promotional products can be used in a variety of occasions, including:

  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Employee engagement
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Thank you gifts to customers post purchase post activity
  • Incentives for performing an action like a survey
  • And more!

These are just a few examples of large-scale uses of promotional products. On a smaller scale, you can easily use a branded product to help seal a deal with important clients and customers.

In our other article “The perfect gifts to tell your clients thank you” we discuss the types of promotional gift items that are perfect for those special clients. In addition, we cover some core reasons to give a personalized promotional gift including:

  • Give Gifts To Congratulate Your Clients
  • Seal The Deal With A Customized Gift
  • Apologize For A Mistake With A Client Gift
  • Stand Out During The Holidays With These Amazing Gift Ideas

So be sure to check out the other article for more information on this!

What About Order Minimums?

You may be surprised to learn that there ARE custom promotional products with zero minimums! No longer do you need to purchase 100+ items in one go, instead, you have the freedom and flexibility to order as many or as few products as you need.

Best of all, the high quality custom laser engraved promotional products here at Lazer Designs are not only affordable but also stand out in terms of quality and durability.

In this article we give you some pocket-friendly picks, that will be agreeable with your business finances.

Looking to Make An Executive Impression?

When it comes to marketing to the executive class. You simply cannot choose to go low on the promotional level.

A top choice – Customized Branded Pens!

To keep your promotions up to date, be sure to check out our 30+ unique designs of custom pens and pencils, personalized just for your brand! An executive pen or pencil is highly practical and affordable.

Along with laser engraved customization, no (MOQs) minimum order quantity, and quick shipping – you can also choose from a large variety of designs and materials. Choose the best high-quality pens and pencils to suit your company’s motto, brand color, and pair them with professional fonts for the perfect executive gift.

Here are just a few types of pens and pencils we have to offer:

Personalized Eco-friendly pens and pencils – promote with a purpose! If you are looking to expand your business without causing harm to the environment – choose our stylish yet organic bamboo pencils and pens.

Another option is our engravable recycled paper pens. Despite the usage of paper in its body, these pens are highly durable and thoughtful. Show your consumers that you care about the eco-system by using recycled materials.

Custom Stylus pens – Are multipurpose personalized pens with a stylus tip, making them highly desirable in an era when everyone carries a touch screen device.

Engraved Tactical pens – Also known as survival pens come with specially designed bodies to serve as a tool in case of emergencies or self-defense. A custom engraved tactical pen is a unique gift and makes a great statement to your consumers.

Leather pens – Leather-based products just never go out of style. These are highly fashionable and durable. We offer custom laser engraved leather pens that provide an air of sophistication and professionalism to really impress your clients and customers.

Practical Corporate Gifts

When it comes to promotion and marketing the corporate world cannot be overlooked! This is especially true when it comes to shareholders. These individuals are a part of valuable decision making and influence a companies target market. Shareholders are important decision-makers in businesses which is one big reason to leave a lasting impression.

Introducing your company’s custom based products in the corporate world means twice the promotion! Because your products take your company wherever it goes. Here are some practical gift ideas to consider.

Custom Backpacks and briefcases – Custom hand carries are a common trend in the corporate world. Think about how many people in your office carry a briefcase or a backpack and what if all of those had your company’s logo engraved on it!

Business card holders – These are a must-have item for the office desk! Having a great quality cardholder adds some professionalism to any desk and is a useful item that any corporate client will love. When choosing your client gift, consider opting for heavy-duty materials like a solid marble cardholder. An additional option is with organic materials like some personalized bamboo business cardholders. This way you can market with professional looking yet practical items.

Gift Flashlights – Time to think outside the box! Maintenance staff often goes unappreciated in the corporate world. It’s time to appreciate our handymen and janitors for the essential services they provide us with. Custom Engraved flashlights are an ideal pick! Consider choosing a custom keychain flashlight for easy clip-on access.

Setting up an extended impact:

Sometimes it is necessary to have a winder marketing approach that caters to getting your brand in front of more eyes. Finding affordable yet impactful products may seem like quite a task for generalized promotions, however, it is easier than you may think!

Such marketing often has no predefined themes or fixed audience. Which is why it’s necessary for the items to be flexible enough to make space in any given lifestyle or be useful to a variety of individuals.

Without further ado, let’s do some digging:

Engraved Notebooks – In this digital era, a notebook always serves as a reminder of our roots. A custom laser engraved notebook offers a sense of functionality that transcends both gender and age. Whether your client is a student, a health care provider, or an engineer a personalized notebook is an excellent choice.

For your product to stand out, you have to get a little creative. Try different notebook designs such as leatherette vs bamboo. Consider including a laser engraved pen with your notebook that sports your company logo rather than having a large brand across the notebook cover.

Business Cards – Mainstream paper-based business cards are usually tossed around due to poor quality and low functionality. Play around a little with the design, color, and material.

Consider trying some custom metal based business cards for something different and to add an extra memorable touch to your potential clients. They are far more resilient and appealing than their paper counterparts.

To also add the element of functionality, look into customized credit card bottle openers. An unconventionally designed business card would definitely be fascinating to the clients. This is an affordable choice for impactful marketing.

Keychains and Carabiners – These perfectly fit into the category of daily use yet affordable promotional items. The keychain is the perfect accessory to arrange your keys and good quality carabiners serve multiple purposes.

A simple way to design your custom keychains and laser engraved carabiners is to try different shapes like oval, rectangle, heart shape, mini fish, sea turtle, dog bone, and more. Consider different sizes as well to make a solid statement.

Get your hands on affordable no minimum promotional items today!

Unveil yourself to the world of custom laser engraved promotional items today and place your order for no minimum on quality items. For you, we run customization in orders as small as 1 unit.

Let us know if you have any questions, our professional team is here to help! In the meantime here are some links for your review.

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