55 useful and fun things to do with a carabiner keychain

Carabiner keychains are super useful! Just look at some of the ways we have found to make our lives easier using them! Have an idea? Send it in, we’ll use it in later posts of Things to do with a Carabiner Keychain!
More ideas: 20 uses for a NiteIze Sbiner, video with 4 more ideas and this post with 3 more ideas with photos.

If you’re looking for ways to use your Stainless Steel S-Biner by NiteIze, check out these 20 suggestions.

Things To Do with Carabiner Keychains

  1. Clip keys inside backpacks to loops for extra security
  2. Hold two sets of keys that are often detached
  3. Tighten your tent ropes camping (see video on how)
  4. Clip your flashlight to your pack
  5. Large carabiner keychains can carry grocery bags
  6. Hold electrical cords in a loop
  7. Clip electrical cords onto hook on wall
  8. Clips shoes together
  9. Clip onto camera, cell phone lanyards
  10. Hold checklists in place in industrial environments
  11. Hold SOP documents in place at work stations
  12. Use utility carabiner keychains to hold hammocks (see TrekLightGear)
  13. Hold your scuba diving gear together when not in use
  14. Hold your scuba diving accessories to your BC while diving
  15. Use as a holder for displaying your state mandated employee documents and free up wall space! (kudos to StaffScapes for coming up with the idea and getting approval from state)
  16. Carabiner keychain + usb drive = carabiner usb drive, hang it anywhere
  17. Use to make a removable clothesline – clip it up when you need it, use carabiner to unclip it when you don’t need it! (Thanks Brandon!)
  18. Use a large carabiner to clip onto your stroller handle to hold bags or accessories.
  19. Carabiner keychains hang safety cards in easy to see places along the assembly line
  20. Attach your water bottle to your backpack
  21. Secure your dog or pet to a tree, furniture, post, pole, chain, etc.
  22. Clip rabbit or pet cages closed
  23. Hook your horse harness and reins to the stall
  24. carabiner keychains used to make a 3 ring binderLock the animal food container shut in the barn so the skunks can’t open it (thanks Susan!)
  25. Create a 3-ring binder out of small carabiners (Micro D’s do the trick, great idea Paula!)
  26. Clip water buckets to the fence
  27. Use as napkin rings at a climbing themed wedding
  28. Arrange and hang your tack neatly inside the horse trailer
  29. Link a few together for your kid to play with while you are shopping
  30. Hang your keys from a belt loop for easy access
  31. Keep ponytail scrunches organized
  32. Clip inside car as hanger for sunglasses
  33. Hold your suspenders to your jeans
  34. Hang water buckets to stalls for horses
  35. With the Jumbo Carabiner, walk multiple dogs at one time with one grip
  36. Hook through tarp grommets to attach tarp to fences, vehicles, etc
  37. Make a dog leash with a carabiner keychain and rope or cord (thanks Jason!)
  38. Hang a plant
  39. Hang wasp traps anywhere
  40. Hang food camping
  41. Hang clothes or sleeping bag for drying
  42. Clip someones shoelace’s to their bag while they are sitting in class
  43. Chain a bunch of colored carabiner keychains together and use them to decorate
  44. Hold down a load on a bike
  45. Clip flip flops and water bottle to a raft or canoe
  46. Clip reusable bags together for easy storage
  47. Carry your climbing shoes on your harness or bag
  48. Clip them to belt loops and then to hangers to get more storage space in closets
  49. Colorful Christmas ornaments
  50. Chain them together and make a belt (Maria did this!)
  51. Hold two tables or work benches together to make one larger surface
  52. Hold signs on gates or fencesCarabiner keychains holding up outdoor signage
  53. Improvise a custom belt buckle with a pair of carabiner keychains
  54. Save your wedding bouquet – use carabiner keychains to clip your flowers upside down to dry.

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