4 Ways Your Small Business Can Maximize Facebook on a Budget

Because your small business is on a budget, you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at advertising. You do have Facebook, though. It’s an effective tool that helps you engage your existing customer base, attract new customers, and build your brand. And you can achieve all these goals on a budget when you maximize Facebook in these four ways.
1. Create a fan page.
Most of your customers are active on social media, so join them and create a Facebook fan page.
This is the most basic step, and you should get started right away so you can start building a fan base.  Then you can request your custom URL (IE, facebook.com/lazerdesigns).
You have to get to 25 fans before you can request it, so get started today! (Click here for step by step on how to setup custom Facebook URL’s, and here for how to setup a Facebook account)
2. Post engaging content.
You might manufacture a very technical widget, but that doesn’t mean your content has to be dry or boring. Instead, use everyday language and write short posts that:

  • Answer common customer questions.
  • Invite conversations about daily life.
  • Share staff stories.
  • Tell a story about your brand.
  • Focus on sales only 20 percent of the time.

3. Post regularly.
Even your most loyal customers grow bored easily. Keep them engaged when you post content at least three to five times a week. These posts can include:

4. Focus on the relationship.
Sure, you want to increase sales, but customer service comes first. To do that, stay active and answer questions and concerns quickly.
Stay up-to-date on comments, posts, and questions with a service that automatically emails you updates, such as Hyper Alerts.
When you maximize your small business Facebook account, you build your brand and engage new and existing customers. Get started today!

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