4 ways to use promotional mugs to grab customers

How do you stand out when giving away a personalized coffee mug with so many companies giving them away? Here are a few tips for using this tried and true method of getting word out about your business with custom coffee mugs and creating a positive, memorable experience around your brand or gift.custom mug

  1. Good quality engraving – spend time on your design, logo or artwork that will be on the mug – make it pop! Create something in house, or have the Lazer Designs design team create something that is what you are looking for. Of course, we prefer laser etching to other kinds of printing because it is permanent and will last a lifetime!
  2. Personalize each one! With LazerDesigns, you can personalize each individual custom mug with a customers, leads or friends name, nickname or design. When an item has a persons name, hobby or interests on it, they are much more likely to keep it around for years and show it off to others (“Yeah, ABC company gave me this mug with my name and this funny logo of an accountant!”)
  3. Include surprises or gifts inside – coffee, hot coco, mints, keychains. Wrap it up in clear paper, tissue paper or black velvet bag for a great presentation
  4. Give it away with hoopla – organize a party and give it away there, or other event such as fund raiser or conference.

There you have – 4 ways to give away something useful to help build your business. Lazer Designs can help you with all 4 steps – We’re here to help make you successful.
Any other tips on elevating common gifts to something unforgettable?

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