20 Uses for Your Stainless Steel S-Biner by NiteIze

The opportunities are endless! If you need to hang it, clip it, attach it, secure it, suspend it, or just have it handy while your hands are free, the Stainless Steel S-Biner by NiteIze is the gadget for you.
Just what is the Stainless Steel S-Biner by NiteIze? Check it out here!
Below you’ll find a few ideas we at Lazer Designs have for putting your S-Biner to good use.
If you are looking for uses for your traditional carabiner, take a look at these 55 useful and fun things to do with a carabiner keychain, this video with 4 more ideas and this post with 3 more ideas with photos.

  1. Hang a hanging plant from a ceiling hook.
  2. Clip dual zippers closed on your backpack or luggage.
  3. Attach technical gear to your daypack, or not so technical gear like that bag of beef jerky.
  4. Clip your keys to your belt loop … your hands are now free!
  5. Secure your paint can to your ladder.
  6. Hang tools on your tool belt.
    Stainless Steel S-Biner by NiteIze
  7. Attach your cell phone to your bag, just don’t forget to detach before use.
  8. Clip your water bottle to your backpack.
  9. Suspend wet items to dry, especially while out in the wild.
  10. Secure scuba gear, because no one wants insecure scuba gear.
  11. Store webbing in your gear closet, with personalization on the s-biner to indicate the length or use of the webbing.
  12. Hang a flashlight inside your tent, outside your tent, or just about anywhere.
  13. Organize your keys (use size #2, and have each engraved with info about the key).
  14. Use a size #5 to hang all those organized, well labeled keys.
  15. Hang your ID to your belt loop, and get rid of that lanyard around your neck.
  16. Attach to the end of a rope and use it to pull your hunting bow up a tree.
  17. Hold you hair back with this makeshift ponytail holder … it is lovely!
  18. Use to hold up your shooting targets (thanks hunter Jake).
  19. Gloat to all your friends that you have the coolest little gadget around.
  20. Clip just about anything to just about anything, just about anywhere.

So order your S-Biner, make it your own with personalized engraving, and let us know how you use it to make your life easier!

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