2 Steps to Giving Gifts at the Perfect Time

We create a lot of gifts here at LazerDesigns, and often the topic is brought up, When is the right time to give a gift?

When is the PERFECT time to gift to my loved one, my colleague, my clients or that prospect I am trying to win over?

The answer to this is surprisingly simple, but first, consider…

We do not know what the potential gift recipient is going through today.

What they went through yesterday.

What they are anxious about tomorrow.

What we do know is, a good gift encourages and lifts up a person.

So when is the best time to give a gift?

Step 1: When you first think of it! Just give it.

Step 2: Trust that when you thought of it – that was the right time.

So next time you are considering whether or not the timing is right to encourage, to show appreciation, recognition – the fact you are thinking of it indicates it is the right time – SO GO FORTH, ENGRAVE THE PERFECT GIFT!

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