10 Great Ideas for Corporate Anniversary Gifts That Employees Will Love

When it’s time to find corporate anniversary gift ideas, it can feel impossible to come up with something that everyone will love. Traditional gifts are boring, predictable, and unlikely to inspire motivation. But, if you try to get creative it may come off as cheesy instead.

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There has to be a way to celebrate employee anniversaries with gifts that won’t get tossed immediately. The key is to find items that are practical enough to be used in an employee’s real life and luxurious enough to feel like a treat.

How Much for How Long?

Keep in mind that not every anniversary merits the same gift. Employees who have been with the company just a handful of years will love seeing their tenure celebrated, but one and five year corporate anniversary gifts should be simple. Keep the budget for these items between $25 and $75.
Employees who have the dedication to stick with a company for 10 or 15 years need a larger gift to increase their motivation.  Look for something in the $125 to $250 range for these hard workers. Reward people who have spent the bulk of their careers with the company with a gift costing around $350 to $500.
With that in mind, here are 10 corporate gift ideas to ensure your employees are happy and loyal (and their trash cans don’t start filling up with all your past gifts):

Personalized Insulated Cooler Backpack
Insulated Cooler Backpack – the perfect unique personalized anniversary gift

Big right now are insulated cooler bags and cooler backpacks.
 Personalized Corporate Anniversary Gift
Custom Cooler Bags Make Excellent Personalized Corporate Anniversary Gift

These cooler bags hold a few dozen cans of your favorite beverage and are great for picnics, team events and the like. The perfect unique, personalized Corporate Anniversary Gift that are a big hit – these are kept, used and appreciated for years!
Wine Box
Customized Wine Box

Wine Boxes:  Unique and unexpected, wine boxes are a fun way to celebrate accomplishments. Plain boxes are perfect for the early anniversaries. More elaborate boxes, complete with corkscrews and other tools, are nice upgrades for longer-term employees. For a fun addition to this gift, add a bottle of wine from the year the employee started with the company.
Time Away:  After their years of hard work, what better way to reward your employees than by giving them time off?  Consider presenting your employees with a paid day off, a travel voucher, a stay at a hotel, or a plane ticket. A gift like that, and your employees will not only understand your appreciation but come back from their vacation feeling refreshed and ready to go.
Outdoor Gear: Maybe your employee is a lover of the great outdoors and enjoys hiking or camping. Consider presenting them with a nice jacket to keep them warm on trails and camping trips. Or try giving them a Trek Light hammock that they can carry with them and string up wherever their heart desires. Just don’t be too surprised if they love it so much that you find it hanging in their office or cubicle.
personalized flashlight giftQuality Flashlights:  Everyone needs a reliable custom flashlight, but no one thinks to purchase a nice one until they really need it. The beauty of this gift is that it can grow as the employee does. Miniature and key-chain lights are excellent gifts for newer employees, while full-sized lights in gift packaging are nice gifts for those who have been around longer.
Coffee Gift Cards:  Long workdays depend on caffeine. With many employees forking over a chunk of their paycheck to the local coffee shop, a gift card for the latte or espresso of their choice is a welcome gift. Start with a small denomination and increase the amount the longer an employee serves.
Cold Weather Comfort: With colder seasons just around the corner, keep your employee warm and cozy by giving them high-quality boots or gloves from a well-known brand like Ugg or Sorel. If you don’t know their style or size, make it a gift card and let them get in on the fun of choosing an item. Every time they slip on those boots or gloves, they’ll remember their years of service.
cutting boardsQuality Cutting Boards:  Chopping vegetables and prepping food is a chore that is made easier with nice tools.  Not only is a quality cutting board a practical and beautiful gift, it is also a blank slate for your company’s logo, and will be in use for years, if not decades.
Movie Gifts Cards:  Maintaining work-life balance is one of the keys to staying motivated on the job. However, grueling schedules and long workdays often have employees forgoing fun activities. Gift cards to a local cinema allow employees to take their mind off the office. Rather than just including enough for a single ticket, consider gifting enough to make it a family outing.
Tablet or E-Reader: Does your employee spend their spare time or lunch break with their nose buried in a book? Try giving them an e-reader or tablet! Such a gift will help them feel special, and it will also let them know that you pay attention. Make the gift extra special by giving them the tablet preloaded with a couple of popular books or something you think they might enjoy.
As hard as it seems to come up with good gifts for corporate anniversaries, a little out-of-the-box thinking and personalization goes a long way. And, hopefully these ideas will give you a little inspiration and a head start!

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