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What is a carabiner?

a short history on the popular little clip
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The carabiner has a myriad of uses - climbers, sailors and just about any hobbyist can find a use for this lightweight, durable clip.carabiner

The carabiner was first used, and got its name, from carbine guns, which used a spring loaded gate.

During World War II the first aluminum carabiners were produced (steel carabiners were produced long before this). dog bone

The first lightweight carabiner produced for the outdoor industry in the United States was made by Yvon Chouinard, around 1957.
christian fish carabiner

The carabiner has since exploded into a fashion statement, promotional giveaway, and is available in many custom shapes.

Anodizing the aluminum is a process in which the coating is part of the metal itselfcarabiner as opposed to being a separate layer like paint! The surface of the aluminum itself is toughened and hardened to a degree unmatched by any other process or material. The anodizing process creates a bright finish that is resistant to scratching, chipping and fading. So the colorful carabiner with your laser engraved logo or name lasts longer!

Anodized aluminum is extremely lightweight and durable!

Coloring dyes are added to the anodized finish for appearance and function. The advantage of anodized biners is durability. The material in the biner is protected from corrosion and abrasion. The anodized finish will make a difference in salty air coastal areas for example, and usually engraves a frosty white color.

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Our carabiners are not for load bearing purposes, but will take your brand to new heights!