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Stencil Material and Thickness Guide

5/16" MDF (.3125", or 312 mil) .02" Magnet (.5mm, or 20 mil) 20 mil mylar film (.5mm, or .02")
7 mil to 10 mil mylar film 5 mil to 7 mil mylar film 5 mil reusable adhesive
Spray painting equipment, floors, parking lots. Durable, but will break with pressure. Thick, but not as long lasting as the thinner materials
Perfect stencil material for painting metal objects. Sticks on flat and slightly curved surfaces. Reusable, very long lasting and durable. Great for spray painting, good fit for smaller numbers, letters, outdoor / indoor. Very durable Rolling, brushing applications. Good all around thickness. Outdoor/indoor Industrial surfaces for precision painting. Good for drums, pipes, buckets, cartons. Reusable. Spray or roll paint.  Reusable for 5 to 12 or more times, depending on how clean adhesive side is kept in between uses. Great for painting on walls and short term projects. Light tack, will remove easily. Do not leave on for more than the time it takes to paint - after a few hours a more permanent bond starts to happen. Can be used to spray or brush paint on.
How thick is our custom stencil material? Use this conversion guide to help
5 mil
0.13 mm
0.005 in
7 mil
0.18 mm
0.007 in
10 mil
0.26 mm
0.01 in
20 mil
0.50 mm
0.02 in
312 mil
7.94 mm
0.3125 in (5/16")

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