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Request a Sample of a promotional item - with your name or logo engraved!

Some samples are available to qualifiying companies, for some items. Some items are not available as samples.

To request a sample, please just fax us your engraving information, the ITEM CODE and color desired. We'll get your sample to you within 10 business days! We cannot ship samples to Canada for no cost (we charge the cost of shipping).

The cost of shipping can be billed to your UPS shippers account, please include this on your request.

Some items not available as samples - We can provide some sample Leatherman body panels, but cannot send Leatherman samples. Mockups can be done upon request. We reserve the right to deny sample requests at any time.

Fax your request to 303-920-0641 on your company letterhead.

You can also purchase all our incentives and promotional items for a very low cost in our online store - generally for less than $12. Just browse to the category and personalize - then checkout.

To qualify for a complimentary sample, you must want to place an order for over 24 to 50 pieces (on most items).

If you are ordering less than 50 pieces, why not just pay for the single piece? We have no minimums at LazerDesigns.com - so you can order one with your logo, engraving for a very reasonable cost.

To request a sample, please call us at 303.920.0879 or fax your request to 303-920-0641. You can also e-mail us at info@lazerdesigns.com. Just include your shipping address, what product you are interested in, and we'll ship it out to you!

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