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Perpetual Plaque Plate Plans

Two ways to get plates: Pre-pay for all the plate engraving now; or, Pay as you go, pay for the plate when you need it.

We make it easy to order additional plates for your custom perpetual plaques!

Choose a method:

  1. Pay at time of placing order for plaques for the additional plates.
  2. When you need more plates with new names, email the new engraving text along with your original order number (located on back of plaque)
  3. We'll ship by First Class Mail within 3 business days for no extra charge!

Save time and money by Pre-paying!

  1. Engrave the plates you already know when ordering plaque.
  2. When you need more plates with new names, email the new engraving along with your original order number (located on back of plaque) OR place your order for new plates online.
  3. We'll bill the same method that the plaque was ordered with.
  4. We'll ship within 3 business days.

(Costs depend on the plaque ordered, see plaque details page for prices)
(No need to send any plates back)

All Perpetual Plaques get a complimentary digital proof!

To order by email, send your instructions and old order number to: info@lazerdesigns.com
To order online, go to this page and choose the same style plate as your original plaque had. If you don't remember, find the plaque you ordered online here and look at which style plate it has.

Transit time for First Class Mail is 3 to 10 days. No deadline guarantee. If you need your plates by a certain date, you can upgrade shipping for an additional cost.

If you are in Colorado, you can bring the plaque or plates in and drop them off/pick up in person.

More info: By pre-paying for all plate engraving up front, you will just need to send us engraving info by email. We will then engrave your plates and ship to you by First Class Mail. If you need plates faster, you can upgrade to a UPS shipping option at time of placing order.
To Pay-As-You-Go, you can email us the engraving info and we will apply the order to the agreed upon payment method, or you can order the plates online here.

Which ever method you choose, reference your original order number each time you place an order. We'll engrave future plates the same way your original plates were ordered. You can then unscrew the perpetual plaque plates and replace with the new plate. No need to send any plates back.

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If you ever have any questions, we urge you to call us at 1-877-365-2737 or e-mail us at info@lazerdesigns.com.