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What is a laser engraving and how does it affect Maglites?

At LazerDesigns.com, LLC we do MORE than just laser engrave your gifts and promotional items - we personalize each one to be perfect for your recipient!

You want to give a lasting gift - a personalized Maglite - and want to put a lasting message or logo onto that gift. We have the answer: Laser Engraved Maglites.

Maglite Flashlights - Laser EngravedLaser engraving is different than screen printing, or a method of decoration which wears off over time; laser engraving is uniquely permanent since it etches the surface of the Maglite being engraved (our laser can mark an extremely small area, as small as .003").

Maglites, as you already know, are made out of a very tough matieral - Anodized Aluminum. When our high tech laser beam hits this surface, it turns a crisp white color - and will never wear off!

They are a perfect option for your next event. The Maglite has a high perceived value, and will be kept by the recipient as long as they keep working (which is a very long time), which means your logo will be there in front of them for the same amount of time.

We can laser engrave logos, slogans, long lines of text, even photographs.

Browse our many available Maglites for your next corporate gift. Click here to learn more about laser engraving and laser marking onto other materials, including wood, marble, steel, plastics, etc. We also sell the full line of Laser Engraved Leatherman.

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