Geocaching supplies - Novelty carabiners, cache capsules, knives, flashlights and more - all prices include personalized engraving!

Do you need geocache carabinersCache capsulesWater bottle holders? We also have geocaching sports water bottles!

geocache capsule
Geocache Large Capsule
Starting at: $8.95
As low as: $2.34
geocache capsule
Small Capsule
Starting at: $5.99
As low as: $0.72

geocache capsule
Large Capsule
Starting at: $5.99
As low as: $1.21

GEOCACHING CARABINERS [see more carabiners for geocaching...]

Carabiner with Compass Fob

Starting at: $4.95
As low as: $1.96
carabiner clips
Standard Large Carabiner

Starting at: $5.99
As low as: $0.45
moose carabiner

We have many other unique carabiners for geocachers - browse more carabiners

engraving flashlights
Customized Flashlights
nothing says hiking like a foot
Mini Maglite AA in Camo

Starting at: $26.00
As low as: $12.25
phonton freedom microlight
Photon Freedom
Starting at: $25.00
As low as: $8.85
(the most powerful keychain flashlight!)
All our flashlights and carabiners are anodized aluminum - bright, vibrant colors, durable and very lightweight! Perfect for hiking and climbing, you'll use these flashlights for geocaching, hiking, camping and around the house.

10 Function Multi Tool

Starting at: $13.00
As low as: $6.00

Maglite Mini AA with Victorinox Knife

Starting at: $35.00
As low as: $22.05
engraved flashlights
Sport Water Bottles

Starting at: $17.00
As low as: $6.35
camping flashlights
Eco Lips Classic Lip Balm

Starting at: $6.99
As low as: $1.35

Duck Opener

Starting at: $6.99
As low as: $1.21
hiking boot carabiner
Hiking Boot Carabiner

Starting at: $5.99
As low as: $2.05

If you ASP Flash lightshave ever been hunting for caches in the dark, you know the difference a good flashlight can make compared to a, well, piece of junk. The good news is you don't have to pay $100 for a good flashlight - Just look at the our laser engraved flashlights, the standard in personal lighting. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is the best in its class. We also stock a full line of engraved Maglite flashlights, Inova flashlights and other mini LED lips promotional lip balm

carabiner flashlightWe also have the popular carabiner flashlight.

Do your lips get chapped on those long, hot cache hunts? Clip some Eco Lips Promotional Lip balm onto your pack or belt. Great camping gift.

We also carry tools, whistles and more to make geocaching more enjoyable and memorable for you and your family. Some of our other products are below.

We can also engrave what you already own! Our prices are very affordable on your geocaching gear (including mag lights, other aluminum flashlights, knifes, or anything else metal or plastic). All you need to do is get a quote from us, and ship it to us. Click here to contact us for a quote.

Personalized Lazer Designs, LLC is a personalized engraving company. We provide our customers with personal service and a quality product (flashlights and carabiners). Whether you need 1 or 100,000, contact us and a sales representative will be happy to assist you.

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