Tactical Christmas Stocking in Black + More Made in USA

Ships in 3 days!
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Tactical Christmas Stocking in Black + More Made in USA
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    Price: $25.00 to $15.27
    $25.00 each

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    Ships in 3 days!
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    Personalized Tactical Christmas Stockings are the perfect gift for the holidays!

    Great for swag bags, gift bags at corporate events, personalized Christmas gifts for a tactically minded Dad or boyfriend, military and police.

    Tactical Christmas Stockings are designed with MOLLE straps, D rings, and come with 1 carabiner so you can put lots of goodies and stocking stuffers in and on the stocking. The MOLLE straps are also great for holding candy canes!

    Proudly Made in Colorado, USA by American workers. High quality work that will last.
    • Patch at the top is personalized with your logo, name, date, or whatever message you want to engrave
    • Molle Straps for gifting accessories - loop your stocking stuffers on the outside for a great presentation!
    • D rings on side for attaching carabiner clips or other accessories
    • Velcrod pocket on center 4.5"x3", perfect for gift cards, notes, or other small valuable Christmas stocking stuffers
    • 2" hanging loop at top for hanging over the fireplace
    • Velcro strip 2x7" at top for other patches
    • Your personalized engraving goes on a custom laser cut 4x2" patch (custom size/shaped patches available)
    • Made in USA
    • Available in great tactical colors, your personalized Christmas stocking can come in: Black, Gray, Olive Drab, Orange, Camouflage, and Digital Camouflage. The Black tactical Christmas stocking is most popular, though other colors sell well too. Buy personalized stockings to give as Christmas gifts!

    • Laser Engraved Patch
    • 16" H x 9 3/4" W x 1/2" D
    • 4x2" patch, custom sizes available
    • Bulk
    • 3-5 business days
      (rush service available on Tactical Christmas Gifts, call 877-365-2737 for quote)
    • 0.3 lbs each
    • None*
    • Made in USA



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    1-5 6-11 12-23 24-49 50-99
    $25.00 $17.90 $16.40 $15.80 $15.58
    100-249 250+
    $15.38 $15.27
    $25.00 each