Buck Rescue Knives

Choose custom Buck rescue knives when you a need a blade that stands up to daily use. These styles are designed for professionals who need a reliable tool that will last for years. Add your logo or a name with quality laser-etching.
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  Colors Packaging Size Imprint Area Weight- Blade Length Sheath Blade Styles Type Pocket Clip Made in USA
Buck Redpoint Rescue ...
Buck Redpoint Rescue Knife
Box or Gift Tin 7" 1/4"h x 1 1/2"w 2.9oz 2.75"   Serrated Folding    

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Buck Selkirk Knife ...
Buck Selkirk Knife
$86.90 $65.23 0.64 KNBUCK863
Buck Folding Selkirk ...
Buck Folding Selkirk Knife
$86.90 $65.23 0.95 KNBUCK836
Buck Selkirk Firesta ...
Buck Selkirk Firestarter
$27.49 $15.73 0.20 KNBUCK837
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