Inova Lights-Emissive Energy

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  Colors Lumens Lamp Battery Packaging Size Imprint Area Water Resistant Run Time Effective Range Weight- Made in USA
Inova XS - 2.9" AAA ...
Inova XS - 2.9" AAA Powered LED Flashlight 110Lms
110/high, 12/low LED 1 AAA, included Gift Box 2.9x.6" 1 .25 x 1/8" 1H/high, 32H/low 42m 1.1oz  
Inova X3R USB Rechar ...
Inova X3R USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight
227/high, 22/low LED Rechargeable Lithium Ion Clamshell 6.2x1" 2 .5 x .25" 2H45M/high, 41H/low 151m 6.7oz  
Inova X2 Mossy Oak C ...
Inova X2 Mossy Oak Camo LED Flashlight
150/high, 18/low LED 2 AA, included Gift Box 5.84x.86" 2 .5" x .25" 1H10M/high, 60H/low 135m 5.43oz  
Inova X1 LED Sportli ...
Inova X1 LED Sportlight 125Lms
125/high, 12/low LED 1 AA, included Gift Box 4x.72" 1 .5" x .25" 1H25M/high, 70H/low 57m 2.12oz  
Inova X2 LED Flashli ...
Inova X2 LED Flashlight 272Lms
272/high, 10/low LED 2 AA, included Gift Box 5.84x.86" 2 .5" x .25" 1H10M/high, 100H/low 116m 5.43oz  
Inova T2 Tactical Fl ...
Inova T2 Tactical Flashlight 385Lms
385/high, 12/low LED 2 123A Lithium, included Clamshell 5.5x.87" 3" x .25" 3H30M/high, 119H/low 157m 4.13oz  
Inova T3 Tactical Fl ...
Inova T3 Tactical Flashlight 485Lms
485/high, 12/low LED 3 123A Lithium, included Box 6.2x1" 3" x .25" 5H/high, 50H/low 187m 6.17oz  
Inova T4R Rechargeab ...
Inova T4R Rechargeable Lithium Ion Tactical Flashlight 860Lms
850/high, 12/low LED Rechargeable Lithium Ion Box 7.9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H/high, 138H/low 256m 8.81oz  
Inova T5 Tactical Fl ...
Inova T5 Tactical Flashlight 1075Lms
1075/high, 29/low LED 3 123A Lithium, included Box 9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H/high, 40H/low 283m 9.88oz  
Inova XP LED Flashli ...
Inova XP LED Flashlight 185 Lms
185/high, 40/low LED 2 AAA, included Clamshell 4.64" x 0.78" .29" x 3.26" 2H/high, 10H/low 52m 0.121  

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Inova X1 & Leatherma ...
Inova X1 & Leatherman Wingman Gift Set
$65.00 $50.31 1.34 GS011
Inova X2 & Buck Bant ...
Inova X2 & Buck Bantam BBW Camo Gift Set
$78.00 $54.33 1.14 GS012
Inova X1 and Leather ...
Inova X1 and Leatherman Rev Gift Set
$64.00 $44.54 1.34 GS055
Inova XS and Compact ...
Inova XS and Compact Rescue Knife Gift Set
$49.99 $31.56 0.48 GS062
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