Inova Flashlights

We provide a great selection of Inova flashlights right here. Made in the USA these products are trustworthy and visually exquisite. Whether it is the Inova Tactical Flashlights including the ever popular Inova T5 or the Inova X series, these flashlights look good when engraved with your message.
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  Colors Lumens Lamp Battery Packaging Size Imprint Area Water Resistant Run Time Effective Range Weight- Made in USA
Inova X2 Mossy Oak C ...
Inova X2 Mossy Oak Camo LED Flashlight
150/high, 18/low LED 2 AA, included Gift Box 5.84x.86" 2 .5" x .25" 1H10M/high, 60H/low 135m 5.43oz  
Inova X1 LED Sportli ...
Inova X1 LED Sportlight 125Lms
125/high, 12/low LED 1 AA, included Gift Box 4x.72" 1 .5" x .25" 1H25M/high, 70H/low 57m 2.12oz  
Inova X2 LED Flashli ...
Inova X2 LED Flashlight 272Lms
272/high, 10/low LED 2 AA, included Gift Box 5.84x.86" 2 .5" x .25" 1H10M/high, 100H/low 116m 5.43oz  
Inova T2 Tactical Fl ...
Inova T2 Tactical Flashlight 385Lms
385/high, 12/low LED 2 123A Lithium, included Clamshell 5.5x.87" 3" x .25" 3H30M/high, 119H/low 157m 4.13oz  
Inova T3 Tactical Fl ...
Inova T3 Tactical Flashlight 485Lms
485/high, 12/low LED 3 123A Lithium, included Box 6.2x1" 3" x .25" 5H/high, 50H/low 187m 6.17oz  
Inova T4R Rechargeab ...
Inova T4R Rechargeable Lithium Ion Tactical Flashlight 860Lms
850/high, 12/low LED Rechargeable Lithium Ion Box 7.9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H/high, 138H/low 256m 8.81oz  
Inova T5 Tactical Fl ...
Inova T5 Tactical Flashlight 1075Lms
1075/high, 29/low LED 3 123A Lithium, included Box 9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H/high, 40H/low 283m 9.88oz  
Inova XP LED Flashli ...
Inova XP LED Flashlight 185 Lms
185/high, 40/low LED 2 AAA, included Clamshell 4.64" x 0.78" .29" x 3.26" 2H/high, 10H/low 52m 0.121  

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Inova XS and Compact ...
Inova XS and Compact Rescue Knife Gift Set
$49.99 $31.56 0.48 GS062
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