LED Lenser Flashlights

LED Lenser Flashlights are Leatherman brand with German engineering. Each custom LED flashlight can be personalized with text or a logo in lasting laser etching. With multiple features and a 5 year warranty the engraved flashlights offer true quality.
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  Lumens Lamp Battery Packaging Size Imprint Area Water Resistant Run Time Effective Range Weight- Made in USA
Engraved Leatherman ...
Engraved Leatherman LED Lenser P7.2, 320Lms
320 LED AAA Gift Box 5.12 5/8"x1-5/16" (panel), 5/8"x2" barrel), 1/2"x1/2" (head) Water Resistant 1H/high, 25H/low 260m/high, 100m/low 0.39  
Leatherman LED Lense ...
Leatherman LED Lenser SEO 7R Headlamp, 220Lms
220 LED Rechargeable Gift Box 2.25� W x 1.75" H x 2" .25" x 1.25" Water Resistant 20H/high, 5H/low 130m/max, 40m/min 3.28  

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