Inova Tactical Flashlights

Check out the complete range of Inova Tactical Flashlights. From the Inova T1 to the Inova T5, we have them all. Personalization enhances elegance and panache. Makes great giveaways at corporate affairs!
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  Lumens Lamp Battery Packaging Size Imprint Area Water Resistant Run Time Effective Range Weight- Made in USA
Inova T1 Flashlight ...
Inova T1 Flashlight
211/high, 20/low LED 2 123A Lithium, included Clamshell 4.56x1" 2" x .25" 4H/high, 47H/low 113m 3.95oz  
Inova T3 Flashlight ...
Inova T3 Flashlight
264/high, 21/low LED 3 123A Lithium, included Box 6.2x1" 3" x .25" 4H20M/high, 48H/low 158m 6.17oz  
Inova T2 Flashlight ...
Inova T2 Flashlight
243/high, 22/low LED 2 123A Lithium, included Clamshell 5.5x.87" 3" x .25" 3H25M/high, 34H/low 145m 4.13oz  
Inova T4R Rechargeab ...
Inova T4R Rechargeable Lithium Ion Tactical Flashlight
303/high, 144/med, 17/low LED Rechargeable Lithium Ion Box 7.9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H/high, 4H45M/med, 43H/low 213m 8.81oz  
Inova T5 Flashlight ...
Inova T5 Flashlight
456/high, 157/med, 56/low LED 3 123A Lithium, included Box 9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H20M/high, 7H/med, 21H/low 179m 9.88oz  

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