Executive Gift Flashlights

Executive flashlights are the high quality you expect from brands like Maglite, Inova, and LED Lenser. All flashlights can be decorated with permanent laser engraving with your logo, message, or personalizations. Laser engraving is the highest standard in decoration methods and will last the life of your flashlight. Choose only the best in executive gifts, practical and personalized will truly set your gift apart.
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  Colors Lumens Lamp Battery Packaging Size Imprint Area Water Resistant Run Time Effective Range Weight- Made in USA
Maglite 3D LED ...
Maglite 3D LED
131 LED 3 D Box 12 11/32" x 1 9-16" 4"x .75", 1"x 1" 79H 364m 24oz
Maglite Mag-Tac Tact ...
Maglite Mag-Tac Tactical Flashlight Crowned Bezel
320 LED 2 CR123, included Clamshell 5.275" 2"x.5" 4H 193m 4.8oz
Inova T4R Rechargeab ...
Inova T4R Rechargeable Lithium Ion Tactical Flashlight 860Lms
850/high, 12/low LED Rechargeable Lithium Ion Box 7.9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" 2H/high, 138H/low 256m 8.81oz  
Engraved Leatherman ...
Engraved Leatherman LED Lenser P7.2, 320Lms
320/high, 40/low LED 4 AAA, included Gift Box 5.12 5/8"x1-5/16" (panel), 5/8"x2" barrel), 1/2"x1/2" (head) 1H/high, 25H/low 260m/high, 100m/low 0.39  
Inova XS - 2.9" AAA ...
Inova XS - 2.9" AAA Powered LED Flashlight 110Lms
110/high, 12/low LED 1 AAA, included Gift Box 2.9x.6" 1 .25 x 1/8" 1H/high, 32H/low 42m 1.1oz  
Leatherman LED Lense ...
Leatherman LED Lenser SEO 7R Headlamp, 220Lms
220/high, 20/min LED Lithium Ion Pack, included Gift Box 2.25� W x 1.75" H x 2" .25" x 1.25" 20H/high, 5H/low 130m/max, 40m/min 3.28  
Maglite Solitaire LE ...
Maglite Solitaire LED Flashlight
37 LED 1 AAA, included Gift Box 3-3/16" 2" x 5/16", .5" x 7/16" 1H45M 55m .8oz
Maglite PRO+ LED Fla ...
Maglite PRO+ LED Flashlight
245 LED 2 AA, included Gift Box 6.607"x.709" 2.25" x .75", .75"x.75" 2.25H/high, 27H/low 150m 4.15oz
Maglite Mini AA ...
Maglite Mini AA
14 Incandescent 2 AA, included Gift Box 5.75" 2 .25" x .5", .75" x 5/8" 5H 15M 96m 3.78oz
Maglite 3D LED Unive ...
Maglite 3D LED Universal Camo Pattern
131 LED 3 D Box 12.34" 4"Wx .75"H 79H 364m 24oz

  Colors Starting At As Low As Approx Ship Weight Item Code
USB Rechargeable Tri ...
USB Rechargeable Triple Output Flashlight, 800Lms
$38.00 $21.39 0.98 FL17061
Triple Output CREE X ...
Triple Output CREE XM-L2-U2 LED Flashlight, 1050Lms
$57.00 $28.21 1.09 FL17042
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